Meet Our Speakers Series: Burk Moreland, GMB, CGB

With nearly two decades of experience and success in the
homebuilding industry as an executive and entrepreneur, Burk Moreland works
with and coaches motivated business owners, sales managers, teams,
professionals and entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next

At the NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS) in
January, Burk will present, “Delegation
& Expectations: How to Motivate Your People to Do What You Need Them to Do

We caught up with Burk to get a sneak peek into his
session and learn a few interesting tidbits about him, too. 

NAHB: Without
giving too much away, what will people learn at your IBS session?

BURK: They
will learn how to get more from their people and be able to get things done
when they aren’t around. 

should people come to the show to hear you speak?

BURK: If they
are tired of feeling like they have to do it all and if they want people around
them to step up, this is their session. 

NAHB: What’s
the one thing you are looking forward to the most while at IBS?

BURK: Helping
our industry continue to move forward and get better at serving the public with
amazing opportunities to improve their lifestyle. 

NAHB: Best
hangout spot at IBS …

BURK: I love
the show floor. The energy is palpable as you see new technologies and visit
with old friends. 

NAHB: Best
memory from IBS last year …

BURK: Having a
standing-room-only crowd [during my session] and then being recognized at dinner
that evening by people that were in the audience that thanked me for a great
presentation. That was a wonderful feeling. 

NAHB: What’s
your favorite part about public speaking?

BURK: I love
stoking the fire that exists in all of us—pushing people beyond their everyday
thoughts to realize what’s possible. 

NAHB: This
industry has changed dramatically in the past five years. What do you find
most challenging about the industry today?

hardest part about the changes right now is the pace at which [the industry] is
changing. It used to take years for a new technology to be integrated. Now
consumers have access to so much information that we, as an industry, must
figure out how to keep up. 

NAHB: Favorite
line from a movie?

BURK: Caddyshack: “So I got that going for me,
which is nice.” 

would win the fight between Batman and Spiderman and why?

BURK: Batman.
He has the brains, the money and the toys to take down anyone. He beat
Superman, after all … 

NAHB: What
book did you read last?

BURK: Tools of the Titans: The Tactics, Routines,
and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers
by Tim
Ferriss. I am fascinated by what makes people successful.

NAHB: What is
your favorite travel spot and why?

Cayman Islands—beautiful, safe and some of the best diving in the world. 

NAHB: If you
could do another job just for one day, what would it be?


NAHB: If you
could witness an historical event, what would you want to see?

Battle of San Jacinto in Texas because it gave Texas its independence. Then I
could meet one of my idols, Sam Houston. 

NAHB: Success
quote …

BURK: The main
difference between a dream and reality is simply belief. 

NAHB: In three
words or less, describe your prediction of the building industry in 2018.

BURK: Competitive.

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