Meet Our Speakers Series: Deryl Patterson, AIA

Deryl Patterson is an award-winning architect with more
than 30 years of experience and is the president and founder of Housing Design
Matters, Inc., specializing in residential architecture. As a frequent
contributor to trade publications, Deryl stays on the forefront of current
trends and innovations and is often a speaker at industry events. 

At the NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS) in
January, Deryl will present two sessions, “Double
Play: Designs that Appeal to Boomers and Millennials
” and “Fine
Tuning Your 55+ Strategy: Build, Design & Sell to the New Boomer Buyer

We caught up with Deryl to get a sneak peek into her
sessions and a few interesting tidbits, too. 

NAHB: Without
giving too much away, what will people learn at your IBS sessions?

DERYL: For the
“Double Play” session, we’ll look at the possibility of one floor plan that can
appeal to the two largest buyer profiles in the market today, and explore the
differences, and similarities, of each and how to capture both buyers. In my
other session, “Fine Tuning Your 55+ Strategy,” we’ll look at what really
attracts this enormous and well-funded buyer to your houses. 

should people come to the show to hear you speak?

DERYL: I love
sharing knowledge and strategies for success with the audience. I like to make
the presentation informative and fun, too. 

NAHB: What’s
the one thing you are looking forward to the most while at IBS?

DERYL: Connecting
with great people in our industry; it’s what gives me energy!

NAHB: Best
hangout spot at IBS …

DERYL: I like
to split my time between two centrals: 55+ Housing Central and the Design
Studio. There you will find great resources, knowledgeable people, and a
comfortable place to sit and relax. 

NAHB: What’s
your favorite part about public speaking?

DERYL: I love
the learning that comes from collaborating with the other great speakers. but
also putting into words and an understandable format the things we do daily in
our design firm.

NAHB: This
industry has changed dramatically in the past five years. What do you find
most challenging about the industry today?

biggest challenge I see today is keeping up with the latest trends and
technology while keeping housing affordable. 

NAHB: You’re
based in Jacksonville, Florida. What’s one must-do activity you’d recommend for
out-of-town visitors?

DERYL: If you
play golf, you must play the TPC at

NAHB: A random
fact you can share with us …

favorite color is red, and of course, if you’ve ever seen me, it’s pretty
obvious. Naturally, I also love red wine. 

NAHB: Favorite
line from a movie?

would have to be a line from The Princess
: “You keep using that word! [Inconceivable.] I do not think it means
what you think it means.” Or another one from the same movie is: “Have fun
storming the castle.” 

would win the fight between Batman and Spiderman and why?

DERYL: Wonder
Woman, of course. Wait—that’s not what you asked, but she kicks butt! 

NAHB: What
book did you read last?

DERYL: Right
now, I’m reading FANtastic Selling by
fellow NAHB member, Meredith Oliver. Wow! What a great read! 

NAHB: What is
your favorite travel spot and why?

Charleston, South Carolina—for the food and the architecture. 

NAHB: If you
could do another job just for one day, what would it be?

DERYL: Since
this is my dream job, I’ve no idea
what else I would do! 

Get more details on both of Deryl’s sessions here

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