Best of IBS Window & Door Product: VELUX Active

VELUX America and smart home solutions partner Netatmo are working together to bring you the first smart automated control of roof windows, blinds and shutters: VELUX Active. The Best of IBS winner for top Window & Door Product infuses your home with natural light and fresh air, and will be available this July!

People spend 90% of their time indoors, so the quality of your indoor climate (temperature, humidity, air quality, daylight levels) has a huge impact on your health and that of your family. According to the World Health Organization, our indoor air can be up to five times more polluted than the air outside. And not getting enough daylight during the day has been shown to negatively affect sleep, while not having a properly darkened room at night can do the same.

VELUX ACTIVE takes care of all this for you! The system measures these critical parameters above—even the weather forecast–then automatically operates your VELUX windows, blinds and shutters to ensure your indoor environment is optimum. And because roof windows are located at the top of the house, where stale air tends to collect, the positive effects can be felt throughout the home. You can even retrofit your old skylights to the VELUX Active system.

The interface for all this functionality is an app for smartphone and tablet. It gives you full control over settings and parameters for operation of your windows, even away from home. And you can override the system’s algorithms at any time for manual operation.

“At VELUX, we want to meet consumer demand for high-quality products that promote smart, healthy living,” says company representative Laureston Hawley. “Though smart home technology isn’t a new concept, we’re bringing to market a product that allows homeowners to do more than simply control skylights with an app–VELUX Active does it for them.”

Judges agree with the innovation’s usefulness, noting VELUX Active is Simple to use with few components and cutting edge technology…The ability to retrofit older VELUX skylights makes it very accessible…The adaptable algorithms automate the system requiring minimum use.

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