The ROI of Attending IBS: Is It Worth It?

When considering whether or not to attend the NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS), one of the first things you (and your boss) look at is the expense. The Builders’ Show is not terribly expensive, but between registration, airfare and accommodations in a resort destination, the costs can add up.

And if you haven’t attended IBS before you may wonder, “Is attending this particular trade show really worth it?”

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10 Ways a Trade Show Can Make Your Career Soar

Let’s face it. Attending a trade show can be a big
investment of time and money. You dedicate a large chunk of time away from the
office and your family and spend money for registration,
travel, a hotel room and food to eat. Sometimes you wonder, “Is attending this
trade show really worth it?” 

When considering the investment of attending a trade
show, like the NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS), it is important to
keep in...

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