10 Ways a Trade Show Can Make Your Career Soar


Let’s face it. Attending a trade show can be a big
investment of time and money. You dedicate a large chunk of time away from the
office and your family and spend money for registration,
travel, a hotel room and food to eat. Sometimes you wonder, “Is attending this
trade show really worth it?” 

When considering the investment of attending a trade
show, like the NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS), it is important to
keep in mind the range of benefits gained too. Year after year, success stories
are shared by people who made “the
” that brought in new business or helped solve a problem.
Attendees share with us their gratitude for being able to see cutting-edge
products all in one place, and for providing a slate of incredible education options
that gave them the tools, tips and insights they can use in their businesses. 

Consider these 10 ways how attending a trade show can
benefit your career. 

#1 Keep on Top of
Industry Trends:
When you attend a trade show, you get to see the latest
products and check out what’s creating the buzz on the show floor. IBS brings
together more than 1,400 manufacturers and suppliers from around the globe—all
of whom are eager to showcase their newest products, materials and technologies. 

#2 Compare
Products & Services:
Because IBS hosts so many exhibitors in one place,
you can easily compare products and services to determine which one(s) match
your specific needs. Exhibitors have plenty of staff who are willing to talk
with you so you get a full understanding of the range and capabilities of their
products and/or services. 

#3 Save Time &
Minimize Costs:
Researching, comparing and connecting with various
suppliers all takes time and money. You can approach this two different ways:
1) a little at a time—drawing out the process over days or weeks, or 2) attending
a trade show. When you attend a trade show, you get access to a wide variety of
products from hundreds of manufacturers, simply by walking the show floor.


#4 Preview New
Products & Resources:
Exhibitors often time the launch of new or
updated products around trade shows. Additionally, new companies come to make a
splash in the industry, meet buyers and get media coverage. Only by attending a
trade show can you see these innovative products first-hand, which—wouldn’t you
agree?—is so much better than online. 

#5 Network:
Often, the greatest insights come from others in your industry because they
share similar goals and interests as you. One conversation can spark a fresh
perspective that will move your company forward, close a business deal or even create
new partnership opportunities. 

#6 Stimulate New
When you attend a trade show, you’re bound to discover inventive
ways to support your business—especially when you participate in the education
sessions and attend live demos. Some of the best industry experts are there to
teach you different approaches and inspire new ideas. And after their
presentation, they are often more than willing to talk one-on-one to offer
additional guidance. 

#7 Learn About Industry
Where else are you going to have easy access to information
pertaining to what your colleagues (or competition) are up to and how your
business compares to them? While at the trade show, you can attend seminars
that will help you evaluate your strengths and weaknesses so you can make
necessary adjustments to stay competitive in your marketplace. 

#8 Obtain
Competitive Insights:
When it comes to staying competitive, nothing beats
current data, and trade shows are full of it, including marketing trends,
consumer preferences and insights into what’s hot and what’s not. Between the new
products, seminars, press conferences and live demonstrations, there’s always a
wealth of information available.


#9 Access Thought
Leaders & Experts:
A trade show is going to be the place where all of the well-known thought leaders and respected
industry experts congregate. Hear success stories, views and critical insights from
keynote speakers, sit in on specialized education sessions and participate in
networking locations and events—all of which are bound to motivate you. 

#10 Get Answers
Right Away
: Trade shows allow for an easy flow of communications for both
vendors and retailers and between you and your fellow attendees; because of this,
you can get answers immediately. 

Finally, keep in mind that more often than not, “a-ha”
moments are found when you are enjoying yourself. This is because you’re
relaxed and your focus is a bit different than it would be in the office. Certainly,
you want to spend time gaining valuable information for your career and
company, but also use this time to get energized and have fun! 

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