The ROI of Attending IBS: Is It Worth It?


When considering whether or not to attend the NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS), one of the first things you (and your boss) look at is the expense. The Builders’ Show is not terribly expensive, but between registration, airfare and accommodations in a resort destination, the costs can add up.

And if you haven’t attended IBS before you may wonder, “Is attending this particular trade show really worth it?”

Every year, people tell us they made “the connection” that brought in new business or helped solve a major challenge. Others share how amazing it is to see cutting-edge products all in one place, along with their gratitude for the incredible education options that gave them the tools, tips and insights they can use in their businesses.

“I like that you can see a little bit of everything when you attend the show. The exhibit halls are comfortable to walk through, and I got to see everything that I wanted to see.” – Ebony Stephenson, Designs by Ebony, Newport News, Va.

The truth is, we know that the return on investment completely outweighs the hard costs. Here are the reasons why attending IBS is completely worth the investment:


Show Floor | See, Compare & Preview New Products

  • See: IBS features more than 1,400 manufacturers and suppliers from around the globe. Nowhere else will you find so many products under one roof than the IBS show floor.
  • Compare: Walk the show floor to compare products and services, and to talk to knowledgeable product reps who are willing to help you understand their products better so you can make informed decisions.
  • Preview: Exhibitors often launch new or updated products at IBS, and new companies come to make a splash in the industry, meet buyers and get media coverage. Only by attending can you see these innovative products first-hand, which is so much better than online. 

“Probably the biggest takeaway from attending the show is that I signed up with a project management software vendor that was there. Those types of vendors were conveniently grouped on the show floor so I could easily compare products. As such, I was able to get all of my questions answered and make a decision right there.” – Nathan Cooper, Owner, River Valley Builders, Inc., Little Rock, Ark.


Networking | Build Business Connections

  • Networking: The greatest insights often come from others in the industry because they understand your unique challenges and share similar goals. There are plenty of networking opportunities at IBS to meet others and talk shop.
  • Get Immediate Answers: Trade shows create an environment for easy communication between exhibitors and fellow attendees which helps you get the answers you need—often providing that nugget of information to steer your business in the right direction.

“I made some good connections [while at IBS]. I enjoyed finding out what some of their struggles are, and learning how we are similar in some respects and different in others.” – Jonathan Janacek, Janacek Remodeling, Bella Vista, Ark.


Industry Insights | Research, Learn & Grow Professionally

  • Access to Experts: IBS is where all of the well-known industry experts congregate. This is where you can hear success stories and critical insights from keynote speakers and sit in on specialized education sessions.
  • Spark New Ideas: When you attend IBS, you’re bound to discover new concepts that help you in business—especially when you attend education sessions and live demos.
  • Stay Competitive: IBS provides current data on marketing trends, consumer preferences, economic outlooks and so much more to help you make smart business choices.
  • Industry Benchmarks: Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses versus those of your colleagues (or the competition) by attending IBS programs that reveal the latest industry information.

“I learned a lot of great tips, techniques and trade secrets—things that I’ve been able to apply to the business already and others that we’ll continue to do to hopefully build a stronger company.” – Dan Souther, Round Here Renovations, Atlanta, Ga.

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