Murphy Flush Mount Pantry Door Wins Best Indoor Product

Best of IBS Award Winner

The winner of the 2022 Best Indoor Product Best of IBS™ Award is… 

the Murphy Flush Mount Pantry Door. 

The flush mount pantry door extends pantry and kitchen storage seamlessly into a doorway.  

This product has stepped up the uniqueness of saving space in smaller homes. Its patented pivot hinge system allows it to easily fit into any standard opening. A true solution to the need for extra storage when it doesn’t physically exist in the space alone.” Best of IBS Judge Dan Mitchell, President, Eagle CDI, Inc. 

The door front finish can be an etched glass look, mirror or chalkboard. The back of the door features adjustable spice rack shelves, an adjustable standard shelf and a fixed standard shelf, which adds 15 cubic feet of storage space to traditionally unused space. 

“What a great way to store small things you use frequently.” — Best of IBS Judge Alma Jacobs, Business Development Manager, Atlantic Bay Mortgage 

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