SPAN Gen 2 Smart Panel Wins Best Home Technology Product

Best of IBS Award Winner

The 2022 Best Home Technology Product Best of IBS™ Award Winner is… 

The SPAN Gen 2 Smart Panel. 

It’s a home electric panel with smart technology so homeowners can meter, monitor and control devices. The panel serves as a home energy management system, replacing the standard electrical panel to become the control center for connected power. 

It simplifies how homeowners can control home energy and streamline clean energy upgrades like solar and storage. 

This is an excellent product. I love that they designed it to work with any manufacturers’ breakers. Really thoughtful design. This is a much-needed product so the marketplace should respond very positively. I cannot imagine a custom homebuilder not incorporating this into every build.” — Best of IBS Judge Day Atkins, Publisher, Southern PHC Magazine 

The SPAN Gen 2 Smart Panel serves as the “brain” of a home, giving homeowners the ability to track how much and where they are using energy to optimize their energy use and control individual circuits (on/off) using the SPAN Home App. 

Of the three SPAN products, the Gen 2 Smart Panel is the newest, most comprehensive and most useful to homeowners.Best of IBS Judge Denise Dersin, Editorial Director/Executive Director, ProBuilder/SGC Horizon 

Homeowners with the Smart Panel installed can see how much longer they can run certain appliances and during a multi-day outage, this helps determine whether a solar powered battery can power their home until power is restored. 

Congratulations to SPAN for winning the Best Home Technology Product. Check out the rest of the Best of IBS Award Winners.

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