Barrette Decorative Screen Panels Wins Best Outdoor Product

Best of IBS Award Winner

Decorating your outdoor space while retaining privacy is about to get a whole lot better. 

Barrette Outdoor Living’s Decorative Screen Panels offer a unique, attractive and affordable way to customize outdoor settings. 

So unique, attractive and affordable, these Decorative Screen Panels won the 2022 Best Outdoor Product Best of IBS™ Award. 

“Great product. Very useful in many ways.” — Best of IBS Judge Troy Johns, Founder, Urban NW Homes 

With a wide variety of designs and easy installation, Barrette Decorative Screen Panels are designed for a broad range of use including privacy walls, railing infills, roof top or side wall for Pergolas or under decks. 

Excellent use of rot proof material and versatile use across all of their product offerings.” — Best of IBS Judge Dusty Hutchison, Owner, Alder Fine Homes 

Congratulations to Barrette for winning the Best Outdoor Product. Check out the rest of the Best of IBS Award Winners.

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