Endura PanoLock Multi-Point Lock Wins Best Window & Door Product

Best of IBS Award Winner

Multi-point locks for entry and patio doors enhance safety and security. 

High cost, difficult installation and operation and limitations for each manufacturer’s lock were barriers to multi-point locks until now… 

As the first and only multi-point lock that works with off-the-shelf hardware at an affordable price, Endura PanoLock® is the 2022 Best Window & Door Product Best of IBS™ Award winner. 

“Excellent multipoint locking system with the ability to marry to any hardware manufacturer with interchangeable components.” Best of IBS Judge Dusty Hutchison, Owner, Alder Fine Homes 

“Really slick safety solution for residential application. This is going to be very big. Works with any lockset off the shelf. Seals doors shut from top to bottom making it a big energy saver as well. The flexibility and the multiple solutions offered make this the best in the category.” Best of IBS Judge Patrick O’Toole, Owner, Sola Brands 

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