GAF Energy Timberline Solar Energy Shingles Wins Most Innovative Construction Tool

Best of IBS Award Winner

Meet the world’s first nailable solar energy shingle.  

The GAF Energy Timberline Solar Energy Shingle, winner of the 2022 Most Innovative Construction Tool Best of IBS™ Award.  

“While it is not a tool per say, it is extremely innovative and the sleek design is impressive. The install through the roofing contractor at the time of re-roofing or new construction is important as it ensures that the warranty for the roof and shingle are both intact. This shingle is also consumer friendly by not adding cost over what a traditional system would be.” — Best of IBS Judge Wes Robbins, Chief Marketing Officer of Quick Tie Products Inc. 

Unlike traditional solar installations, the Timberline Solar ES can be installed with only a nail gun, resulting in the fastest residential rooftop solar install time of any other in-market option.  

“There are some other solar energy shingles on the market, but Timberline has made their shingles far quicker and easier for roofers to install, a very important factor in today’s construction situation.” Best of IBS Judge Denise Dersin, Executive Editor of Pro Builder/HGC Horizon 

Congratulations to GAF Energy for winning the Most Innovative Construction Tool Best of IBS Award. Check out the rest of the Best of IBS Award Winners.

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