10 Most Popular Education Sessions @ the 2022 Builders’ Show

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These IBS Education Sessions from the 2022 NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS) are a solid 10/10. Check out the 10 most popular education sessions at the Builders’ Show to see what the fuss was all about. 

#1 60 Design Ideas in 60 Minutes
Industry-leading architects, interior designers, developers and builders shared 60 current design ideas and strategies in 60 minutes. 

  • New design approaches to open floor plans and flex spaces 
  • Health and wellness in design 
  • Trends and projections that can be applied at any scale and any price point

#2 The 2022 Housing & Economic Outlook 
Experts hit the stage to talk about where the economy is going in 2022. 

  • Analyzed how the economy and housing markets can recover from 2020 
  • Learned how fiscal, monetary & regulatory policies influence the housing market 
  • Explored possible supply & demand challenges for the home building industry  

 #3 Building Homes Faster: Strategies to Reduce Cycle Times
This advanced session zeroed in on the root causes of cycle time issues and provided strategies to reduce cycle times by eliminating the “empty house days” that are making schedules unreliable and unrealistic. 

  • Covered key factors contributing to longer construction cycles & higher costs 
  • Discussed delay causes like scheduling deficiencies & subcontractor failures 
  • Examine the effects of & ways to address pandemic supply chain issues 

#4 2022 Super Sales Rally: Uncommon, Unfiltered & Unparalleled — Becoming the UnSalesperson 
Sales are going to the UnSalesperson who connects with their clients. Attendees learned how to kick their old, deal-killing habits to acquire unrivaled skills and an unstoppable attitude.  

  • Took an exclusive look at the principles behind the Unsalesperson  
  • Learned how to elevate & advance conversational Unsalesperson skills 
  • Applied step-by-step ways to turn into the sought-after new home salesperson 

#5 Fixing Old Floor Plan Faux Pas & Out-of-Date Design 
This advanced session addressed common plan missteps and how to fix them, how to update material and finish packages for today’s buyers and the benefits of going through this design exercise for your own business. 

  • Covered mistakes in older floor plans that don’t meet current buyers’ needs 
  • Explored simple updates to older plans that respond to current trends & lifestyles
  • Developed ideas on how to update finish packages for different generations 

#6 Creating a Dashboard to Drive Profits 
Covered creating a dashboard of 30 metrics to focus efforts on financial results, proficiency areas and work/life balance. Remodelers & builders learned what to track & how to track it. 

 Learned how to create & collect non-traditional tracking metrics  

  • Gained corrective actions to move the metrics into the comfort zone 
  • Gained tips for implementing metrics and assessing company financial health 

#7 Champagne Taste, Beer Budget: Insights & Strategies for Affordably Delivering the American Dream 
An economist, architect and interior designer walked into a room to share combined insights, backed by detailed data and metrics, to discuss how to deliver on buyers’ extensive wish-lists without breaking the budget.  

  • Learned market trends like where homebuyers are moving & how markets are responding 
  • Examined the latest floor plan features & how to control costs to deliver them 
  • Discovered how to maximize interior design without forced buyer compromise 

 #8 From Sales to Completion: Winning the Customer Expectations Game 
Successfully guiding clients through the difficulties of construction projects comes down to setting, managing and meeting expectations.  

  • Learned why positive and negative expectations must be managed equally 
  • Discovered how expectations are set throughout the building process 
  • Acquired ways to overcome challenges as job moves from sales to production 

#9 The New Rules for New Home Sales: Reevaluating Your Sales Process & Tactics in a Digital World 
Attendees learned “The New Rule of New Home Sales” to fully prepare for change in ways new homes are sold — now and in the future. 

  • Learned the biggest mistakes builders make when selling virtually 
  • Evaluated the effectiveness of & discovered ways to improve your virtual sales process, from start to finish 
  • Acquired sales tactics for handling buyers in a virtual environment 

#10 Home Trends, Buyer Preferences & Most-Likely Features for 2022
This advanced session covered the impact of COVID-19 on the characteristics of new homes like the average home size, patios, porches and more. It highlighted the buyer preferences of home features by generation.  

  • Understand the characteristics of homes being built in the U.S. and what builders are likely to include in new homes in 2022 
  • Learned home buyer preferences across four generations 
  • Examined trends in colors, materials and projects through current market examples and illustrations 

If you were an IBS 2022 All Access Pass or IBS Express + Education Library registrant, the IBS Education On-Demand Library is available to you until March 31. 

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