10 Books You Should Have on Your Bookshelf if You’re a Residential Construction Professional

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The 2022 NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS) is over. These are the titles that flew off the shelves at the IBS Store.

Here are the Top 10 BuilderBooks Best Sellers from the Show.

Lucky for you, you can still scoop up your copies at BuilderBooks.com. If you’re a residential construction pro, find out why these books should be on your bookshelf. 

2021 Home Builders' Jobsite Codes2021 Home Builders’ Jobsite Codes (New)
Find answers to common code questions in this pocket-friendly and indispensable jobsite tool. Discover the impact of 2021 code changes and 100+ detailed illustrations, tables and discussions of foundations, fire safety, energy efficiency, mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems, safe and healthy living environments and more.

Accounting & Financial ManagementAccounting & Financial Management for Residential Construction, Sixth Edition (New)
Accounting and Financial Management is an invaluable resource for builders, remodelers, developers and contractors to take control of business finances. Find details on how an accounting system operates and the basic principles for processing financial data. 

Basic Construction ManagementBasic Construction Management, 5th Edition
A must-read roadmap to excellence for anyone considering a career in construction supervision, new superintendents or experienced superintendents who want to polish their skills. Learn the essentials of managing projects within budget and discover proven practices for recruiting and keeping the best trade contractors, scheduling that makes sense and developing and implementing quality practices.

The Cost of Doing BusinessThe Cost of Doing Business Study, 2022 Edition (New)
This one-of-a-kind resource provides statistics and analysis so you can see how you compare to other builders. Find financial performance sorted by builder type and size, as well as industry-wide averages using key indicators like gross margins, net profit, cost of sales, operating expenses and financial ratios.

Finding Hidden ProfitsFinding Hidden Profits: A Guide for Custom Builders, Remodelers, and Architects
A step-by-step guide for custom builders, remodelers and architects to position your business to make more money, provide quality work on time and on budget. From choosing the right clients to setting expectations through clear communications and a comprehensive contract, find practical advice, simple formulas and useful tips you can use to start finding the profits hidden in your business today.

Home Builder ContractsHome Builder Contracts and Construction Management Forms
Systemize your building business, work more productively and more effectively with 95 of the most useful sales and marketing forms, contracts and agreements, trade contractor specifications and checklists, orientation and quality control documents and much more specifically for builders.  

The House That She BuiltThe House That She Built (New)
Inspired by a REAL home exclusively built by a team of women in construction, skilled tradeswomen and women-owned companies. Educates young readers about the people and skills that go into building a home. One by one, children learn about the architect, framer, roofer and many more as they contribute their individual skills needed to complete the new home. 

Land DevelopmentLand Development, Tenth Edition
Comprehensive and indispensable resource for developers and builders to gain the edge that seasoned professionals use to acquire the most desirable tracts of land and understand the essentials and interrelated factors that contribute to successful land development projects. 

Managing Your BusinessManaging Your Business with 7 Key Numbers
See where you stand every day with every job by monitoring 7 key numbers that drive all profits and cash flow. The step-by-step guide walks residential construction professionals through creating a process to let you know when costs or scheduling deviate from the estimate to respond before it costs you money. 

Social Media MarketingSocial Media Marketing for Your Business
Create a winning marketing plan by carefully setting goals, creating strategy, targeting audiences and making your website and social media work together and work for you. Take a long-term approach to building and maintaining an effective marketing strategy with social media as a main component.  

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