Evolve Stone Wins Best in Show

Best of IBS Award Winner

Homeowners often love the look of decorative stone but don’t want to pay the price or hassle with the installation. (Builders either.) 

It’s but a couple of the reasons Evolve Stone won the 2022 Best in Show Best of IBS™ Award. Evolve Stone surpasses the competition in value, installation ease and design.  

Evolve Stone is the next evolution in decorative stone. It uses technology and innovation to deliver a high-performing, beautiful and easy-to-install stone veneer. 

“Given the shortage of skilled masons and the demand for realistic stone for both interior and exterior use, manufacturers have been scrambling to develop an authentic looking, easy to install, jobsite friendly “stone” siding product. In this judge’s opinion, Evolve Stone checks all the boxes.  

It looks and feels like real stone. It is easily installed with a nail gun and finish nails. It cuts like wood and is impervious to moisture. A beautiful product that, provided the price is right and is readily available, will likely be a big hit. This is a true game-changing product.” — Best of IBS Judge Rick Schumacher, Editor & Publisher of LBM Journal 

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