20 Most Popular IBSx Education Sessions, Part 3

IBSx Education Top 20 Available On-Demand

This is the third and final installation of a three-part series where we’re counting down the 20 Most Popular IBSx Education Sessions. If you missed any of the series, get caught up now with part 1 and part 2. IBSx Education is sponsored by Lowe’s® For Pros.

IBSx Education is FREE and available to stream on-demand right now for all IBSx registrants. And through March 31, 2021, if you still need to register, it’s FREE for NAHB members and only $99 for non-members.

So, to conclude our countdown, here are the top 6 IBSx education sessions:

6. Airtight Done Right: Simple & Efficient Strategies for Improved Home Performance
This session will explore how we account for the extraordinary progress over the past few decades in a home’s overall energy efficiency, and what architects can do to continue to improve it. More importantly, how it can be done in a way that also intelligently manages risk, particularly the risks of water-related failures like rot, corrosion, mold and odors.

5. BIM Demystified: A Look at the Future of Residential Construction
This Tech Bytes session will explore the end-to-end Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflow, how it’s so much more than just a 3D model, and how its power will apply to the future of residential construction.

4. 5 Steps to Improve Your Bottom Line by 5%
During this session, you’ll dive deep into five areas that are most overlooked or forgotten when it comes to increasing revenues and decreasing expenses. Real actionable strategies are then outlined and detailed to capture a valuable 5%.

3. 60 Design Ideas in 60 Minutes
In this fast-paced session, industry-leading architects, interior designers, developers and builders will share the most current design ideas and strategies that you can use to update your elevations, renew floor plans, animate streetscapes, enhance amenities and develop dynamic neighborhoods. Using a wide array of drawings and photos, the panelists will show you how cutting-edge design can capture your buyer’s attention and make the sale.

2. 2021 Sales Rally: Future-Proof Your Sales Skills
In this session, a panel of experts will show you how to jump on board and take full advantage of the next golden age of new home sales. Learn how to manage the demand from your customers, turn new challenges into opportunities, and unlock the secrets of a compelling virtual sales presentation and why it’s a must. From prospecting and demonstrating to follow-up and closing — it’s all covered.

1. The 2021 Housing & Economic Outlook
This advanced session focuses on the uncertain state of the nation’s economy and markets to explain what it all means for the housing industry. Nationally recognized economists will discuss the outlook for employment, interest rates, and the status of the economic recovery using demographic trends, financial data and the latest surveys.

IBSx registrants not only have access to these sessions, but also the entire listing of IBSx education sessions, construction demos and an exhibitor directory of innovative products in the IBSx Education & Exhibitor Showcase. Register by March 31 and don’t miss your chance to take advantage of on-demand streaming through June 30.


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