The 20 Most Popular IBSx Education Sessions, Part I

IBSx Education Top 20 Available On-Demand

This is the first of a three-part series where we’ll be counting down the most popular IBSx Education sessions. With more than 7,500 views, we’ll be revealing highlights from the 20 most sought-after sessions. IBSx Education is sponsored by Lowe’s® For Pros.

When you need a solution — need to dig deep on a specific topic, need strategies to wow your customers, win new business or raise your projects to the next level, IBSx Education is where you’ll find the answers.

IBSx Education is FREE and available to stream on-demand right now for all IBSx registrants. And through March 31, 2021, if you still need to register, it’s FREE for NAHB members and only $99 for non-members.

Starting with number 20… let the countdown begin!

20. That’s So 2020: A Look at Multifamily Design Trends of 2021 & Beyond
Two leaders in the multifamily design space provide a glimpse into the future of multifamily developments. Popular design trends of today and what they are expected to be — plus what’s driving those trends — will all be analyzed and discussed. Hint: some of it may be a blast from the past.

19. Small Spaces, Big Impact: Bathrooms, Entryways, Storage & Other Jewel Box & Flex Spaces Buyers Want
A team of experienced interior designers and architects will walk you through design details, plan considerations, finishes and tech needs of many overlooked and underappreciated small spaces. From a primary bath or closet to an office or even a wine room, jewel box and flex spaces can make a potential buyer buy, but it’s not as simple as installing a few shelves or using the latest, trendy tile backsplash. Learn why and how to make it all work.

18. The 2021 Kitchen: Floor Plans, Finishes & Design Details That Make a Kitchen Pop
Two award-winning design leaders — an architect and an interior designer and merchandiser — walk you through the components of thoughtful kitchen floor plans, fashion-forward finishes and the design details that are essential to take a kitchen from drab to fab. Using examples from all over the country, walk away from this session with inspiration and the know-how to implement all that’s outlined, from color and material choices to hardware, electronics, lighting and more.

17. A Closer Look into High Performance Home Strategies & Solutions
This Master Session shows builders how to use high performance design and construction strategies to avoid callbacks and warranty claims associated with energy efficiency, moisture management, air sealing and ventilation. Via a panel of industry experts, the building science behind water-related failures, implementing energy efficient best practices versus code and designing proper fresh air and ventilation systems are all examined.

16. Pants Optional: Why Working Remotely Can Be Better for Operations & Company Culture
This session explores the question: is a permanent remote working environment a realistic option for your company? Through proven technologies and time-tested operational adjustments from three different companies that successfully navigated a fully remote model, the journey to strong company culture and the improved work/life balance of a workforce will be broken down and explained.

15. Beyond ‘Boost’: Effective Facebook Ad Setup
In this Tech Bytes Session, learn how to achieve specific goals, target the right audience and design creative ads to get the best return on your social media ad investment, whether it’s Facebook or other popular and effective platforms.

14. Selling Health & Comfort: 3 Keys to Successfully Marketing the Homes Customers Now Demand
This session examines consumer shifting expectations on health, comfort, energy efficiency, square footage and solar (and the companies they buy from). Drawing from this wealth of brand-new research and insight, learn how to position your company to align with these new demands.

To be continued…
Be sure to tune in to Part II of this three-part series, where we’ll continue to reveal more of the most popular IBSx Education sessions. IBSx registrants not only have access to these sessions, but also the entire listing of IBSx education sessions, construction demos and an exhibitor directory of innovative products in the IBSx Education & Exhibitor Showcase.

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