Young Pros: Propel Your Career in 3 Steps

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Early in your career, the road to success can appear daunting. Whether you’re running your own business or climbing the corporate ladder, the sheer number of “proven” strategies that promise a jump to the next level can scramble your brain.

Fortunately, following this 3-step plan can put you on the right path for growth:

STEP 1: Apply for an IBS Scholarship. Designers, builders, remodelers, architects and other residential construction professionals attend the NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS) each year to see the latest products in living color and bring home new, innovative techniques and best practices.

Applying for a scholarship is a small effort with big potential payout, and an exclusive opportunity to join a prestigious group of up-and-coming young professionals. NAHB members, 21-35 years old who receive an IBS scholarship are given full access to the education, products and experiences, essential for business success.

STEP 2: Win. A full registration, airfare, hotel…and bragging rights are all included with an IBS scholarship. Put yourself out there, have fun and let us know who you are, what you want to see, what you want to learn and why you should receive a scholarship in your application video. Be creative! There are no limits.

STEP 3: Network. Listen. Tell Stories. Learn. See. Get Inspired. The IBS experience is one of the best ways to turn your role on its head and see your profession in a whole new light. Through fun and lively interactions with peers and experts, you’ll expand your personal connections and develop business partnerships that’ll last for decades.

You’ll be inspired by interactive demos, expert tips and highlights of the industry’s latest and hottest trends. You’ll also have access to education sessions, covering virtually every topic in the building industry.

“There were a lot of new ideas that I never heard about—particularly regarding universal design. There was one session I attended that discussed the difference between smart homes, smart devices and automation. It was so helpful, because before I went into it, I wasn’t familiar with the difference, or how to explain it to the customer. Now I can, and have such a grasp on it because of what I learned at IBS.” – Ramy Hanna, 2020 IBS Scholarship Recipient

Don’t miss your chance to join us in Orlando, Florida at IBS 2021, February 9-11. You must be an NAHB member and 21-35 years old to apply for a scholarship. The application closes June 5.

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