20 Most Popular IBSx Education Sessions, Part 2

IBSx Education Top 20 Available On-Demand

This is the second installation of a three-part series where we’re counting down the 20 Most Popular IBSx Education Sessions. With more than 7,500 views, we’ll be revealing highlights from the 20 most sought-after topics. If you missed part one of this series, you can check it out here. IBSx Education is sponsored by Lowe’s® For Pros.

IBSx Education  is FREE and available to stream on-demand right now for all IBSx registrants. And through March 31, 2021, if you still need to register, it’s FREE for NAHB members and only $99 for non-members.

So without further ado, let’s continue the countdown:

13. Home Trends, Buyer Preferences & Most Likely Features for 2021
This advanced session covers the features that builders are most (and least) likely to include in the typical home they build in 2021, and the specific buyer preferences and perceptions about affordability and availability in the housing market.

12. Designing Homes & Communities Beyond the Pandemic
In this Master Workshop, a panel of experts examine the design elements and community approaches that must change to be prepared post-pandemic — including land planning, architecture, interior health and wellness, building products and systems and consumer behavior analytics.

11. Shift Happens, Have You? Rethinking Your Marketing & Sales Strategy
In this advanced session, understand how to shift your marketing strategy, mindset and sales processes in order to thrive in this, or any market. Drawing from data-backed examples, you’ll learn how to adjust your messaging, accept necessary strategy changes and push your traffic, leads and sales into overdrive.

10. Adapt or Be Left Behind: Lessons Learned from Online Sales Counselors
In this advanced session, learn lessons from online sales counselors that can be used by your entire sales team. Discover tools to engage buyers and receive insights to empower a winning team working cohesively to produce more sales.

9. Designing Your Ideal Week: Effective Time Management Through Block Scheduling
In this session not only is the myth of multitasking debunked, but the ability to create an ideal week and build muscle memory for the operations of your business is outlined and detailed. With block scheduling in place, you’ll be able to communicate more clearly, lead more effectively and identify tasks to delegate—leaving you much more time to focus on the important tasks that drive business growth.

8. Smaller Floor Plans That Don’t Feel Small: Great Floor Plans Under 2,500 SF
In this session, three industry experts have a fast-paced conversation about what’s hot in small floor plan design for 2021 and gain tangible examples of successful under-2,500 SF floor plans. Discuss ways to pack features into homes that stand out and learn how to “right-size” or subdivide rooms to make space available for other features.

7. Blending Popular Custom Home Design Trends with Realistic High Performance Building Strategies
In this session, smarter floor plans, efficient design, right-sizing, kitchen design, lighting design and other interior design strategies that provide for healthier living are detailed, along with surprisingly simple common-sense design and building science strategies that can make homes more appealing to the informed buyer.

Don’t forget to tune in for Part 3 of this series, where we’ll conclude our countdown and reveal the number one session.

IBSx registrants not only have access to these sessions, but also the entire listing of IBSx education sessions, construction demos and an exhibitor directory of innovative products in the IBSx Education & Exhibitor Showcase. Register by March 31 to take advantage of this opportunity. 



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