IBS 2020 Master Workshop: Reimagining Tomorrow’s Homes & Neighborhoods: Attainability, Amenities & Great Design

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You’ve seen the forecasts, trends and stats on key buyer segments. Is it really possible to design a great community that is affordable?

One project team managed to successfully tackle the attainability in full force.

In addressing one of our industry’s biggest challenges, they asked themselves, “How can we create an affordable place to live for the next generation of buyers?” What resulted is PA3: a 7,000-home master planned community that spreads out more than 2,000 acres and the next segment in Rancho Mission Viejo, a neighborhood located in Orange County, California. It’s a completely new, effective approach to density, affordability and community design.

In this NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS) Master Workshop, “Reimagining Tomorrow’s Homes & Neighborhoods: Attainability, Amenities & Great Design,” four members of the Rancho Mission Viejo team, Steven Dewan, NCARB, Kristen Maher, MBA, Todd Larner and Paul Johnson, will share the compelling story of the reimagining of PA3, including lessons learned in community design and development, how you can reinvent product, and what they’ve discovered the next buyers want and need from their next big purchase.

In this three-hour advanced session, you will:

  • Identify trends, needs and wants in the next generation of home buyers, both in individual homes and community amenities.
  • Discuss key elements when reimagining and reinventing product and design guidelines that respond to different target markets.
  • Discover what makes a successful attainable housing offering.
  • Discuss how lessons from Rancho Mission Viejo can be applied in projects across the country to tackle housing for the next generation of home buyers.

Master Workshops are changing at IBS 2020!
There are some big changes in store for the Builders’ Show, and one such change is Master Workshops. Previously known as Master Sessions, these advanced three-hour workshops dig deep into specific industry topics. This year, all Master Workshops will be held on Monday, January 20—the day before the show officially kicks-off—and are open to all registered attendees for an additional fee.

How to Attend:
This Master Workshop will be held on Monday, January 20, from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM and is eligible for continuing education credits. Workshops are $75 each. Tickets may be purchased online by adding them to your IBS registration. Get details of all the Master Workshops offered at IBS 2020 here.

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