Element Design Build’s Ingenuity Solves the Challenges of TNAH 2016

Although the lot for The New American Home (TNAH) 2016 was chosen because of the views, it presented two major design challenges: a unique topography and a narrow site.

While many construction professionals may have shied away from this particular lot because of those challenges, Josh Anderson, owner of Element Design Build, saw it as an opportunity. “Part of our excitement in being involved in this project is showcasing what is possible with a little ingenuity,” says Josh.

Element Design Build is both the designer and the builder of TNAH 2016. The decision to be the design/build firm allows his team to make adjustments along the way – always with the end project in mind – and every aspect of this home was designed with the city views in mind, including the furniture placement.

One issue that needed to be resolved early on was figuring out the best way to address the city’s height restriction guidelines on structures. Because the guidelines are based off of top of curb, the team designed the home’s building pad to be four feet below that mark. In doing so, they were able to integrate a second story (for the VIP Suite) – a first of its kind in this area.

“We view The New American Home as a real-world tool for everyone in our industry to see great ideas,” explains Josh. “We, as the builder, have an opportunity to show what we are able to do, and with a little out-of-the-box thinking, you can come up with great solutions that add to the livability and wow factor of the home.”

Want to learn more about this year’s premier show home? Check out this video or visit The New American Home 2016 website.

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