Discover Home Technology Solutions at the CEDIA Smart Home Pavilion

The value of the global smart home market will reach $43
million by 2020, according to research from Stratista, which is nearly triple
the value from 2014.1 

It’s also no secret that consumer desire for smart home
technology has exploded. According to a recently published IoT Innovation
article, “Research by GfK shows that consumers worldwide are more excited about
smart home tech than 11 other new technologies, including the cloud, 3D
printing and wearables. In the United States, more than half — 51 percent — of
consumers selected smart homes as the technology they were most excited about.
In particular, respondents indicated they were most interested in the smart
home technology areas of ‘energy or lighting,’ ‘security and
’ and ‘entertainment and connectivity.’”2 

It’s no wonder so many builders, remodelers and design
professionals want to learn as much as they can about smart home technology. 

This is what makes the announcement of the CEDIA® Smart
Home Pavilion—a new addition to the show floor at the 2017 NAHB International
Builders’ Show® (IBS)—so incredibly exciting! This area is specifically
designated to showcase exhibitors who specialize in home technology solutions. 

At the CEDIA Smart Home Pavilion, you’ll be able to see
first-hand many home technology solutions as well as get design inspiration for
how to elegantly incorporate them—no matter what style of home. Some smart home
technologies that will be exhibited inside the pavilion will be better known
while others are sure to be cutting edge. By learning about them and seeing how
they work, you’ll be able to present these sought-after innovations to your
customers with confidence. 

Here are just a few of the many smart home technology
ideas you’ll see:

  • Family-friendly technology solutions that can be
    integrated into every aspect of the home—inside and out
  • Energy management systems that incorporate
    central controls and multi-zone thermostats
  • Home security that also includes smart locking
    systems, and pet and baby cameras
  • Smart appliances, including refrigerators,
    washing machines and small kitchen appliances
  • Home entertainment systems, from whole-house
    audio and smart TVs to cutting-edge media rooms—and the “behind the scenes”
    equipment that makes it all run
  • Outdoor living TVs, sound systems and more 

The CEDIA Smart Home
Pavilion will also house several presentations during IBS on topics such as
incorporating smart home technology into remodeling projects, lighting of the
future, wired vs. wireless 

and more. Make it a point to visit the CEDIA
Smart Home Pavilion and check out the entire
schedule of events

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