The Best of IBS™ Awards: NEW Deadline Dec 1

Best of IBS Award winner

“IBS gave our product life. IBS gave our product credibility from the industry and NAHB. It was a big deal for our company that we won the Best in Window & Door and Best in Show Best of IBS Awards.” – James Newenhouse, Door Stud

The NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS) is one of the most awaited events in the residential building industry. Every year, it attracts 60,000+ professionals from all over the world, bringing them together under one roof to showcase innovations, exchange ideas and celebrate the best in the business. One of the major highlights for IBS Exhibitors of this grand event is the Best of IBS Awards. The NEW deadline to apply is Dec 1. Let’s look at the significance of these awards and why they matter.

What are the Best of IBS Awards?

The Best of IBS Awards recognize the outstanding achievements and contributions of products and services of IBS Exhibitors in various categories of the residential building industry. These awards are a testament to innovation, quality and commitment, offering not just recognition but also an opportunity for businesses to position themselves as industry leaders.

Award Categories to Look For

The Best of IBS Awards are split into nine categories.

  1. Best Business Solution Software (previously known as Best Home Software)
  2. Best Energy Efficient Product
  3. Best Home Technology Product
  4. Best Indoor Product
  5. Best Kitchen & Bath Product
  6. Best Outdoor Product
  7. Best Window & Door Product
  8. Most Innovative Building Material Product
  9. Most Innovative Construction Tool

One Best of IBS Award Winner is also named Best in Show.

Why Apply Dec 1?

The reasons to apply for the Best of IBS Awards extend beyond mere recognition.

Industry Recognition

Winning or even being a finalist can set a company apart from its competitors.

Networking Opportunities

Being a part of the awards can offer exclusive networking chances with industry leaders and peers.

Increased Brand Visibility

Winners often receive media coverage.


An award win or being named a finalist can serve as a validation of a product or service’s quality and innovation.

Dec 1 is the Important Date to Remember

IBS Exhibitors that have a product, service or innovation you believe is worthy of recognition, make sure to mark your calendar. The NEW deadline to apply for the Best of IBS Awards is Dec 1. Ensure you submit all the necessary documentation, samples and other prerequisites by Dec 1.

The Best of IBS Awards are more than just trophies on a shelf. They represent excellence, innovation and the future of the residential building industry. For companies and individuals aiming to make a mark and stand out, this is a FREE opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. So, gear up and get ready to show off the best that the residential construction industry has to offer! Learn more and apply.

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