IBS Centrals: Discover Niche-Specific Information & Ideas

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The IBS Centrals have always been where you can explore fun, new ideas and have quickly become “the place” to network with colleagues and gain business information about your specific niche in the building industry.

The Centrals programs are a bit more informal than traditional IBS Education sessions, but just as engaging. They feature some of the best professionals in the industry who are passionate about their area of expertise—so the discussions are always lively.

Six main Centrals are available during the show (February 8 – 10, 2022), and each offers a specific area of focus within the building industry with its own schedule of events.

55+ Housing—The 55+ market is still one of the fastest growing segments, and these consumers continue to redefine what the “retirement lifestyle” looks like. If you are selling homes to older buyers, this is where you can discover current trends and refine your strategies. Programs include:

  • 55 & Thrive: Merchandising Ideas to Promote a Lifestyle of Health & Wellness
  • Uncovering the Latest Trends in 55+
  • 55+ Rental Trends

Custom Building—Find specialized seminars, activities and opportunities to network with other high-end custom builders, architects and building professionals who serve this market. You are sure to find new solutions for the unique challenges that come with building custom homes. Programs include:

  • Communicating the Benefits of Building High Performance Custom Homes
  • Planning for Technology Early to Avoid Unnecessary Headaches
  • Accounting Secrets for Higher Profit

Design—No matter what aspect of the home-building experience you are in, design touches everyone involved. This is where you can explore vital tools to create a design that is sure to wow and inspire. Programs include:

  • Wellness & Warmth: Incorporating Fire Elements into Your Designs
  • Macro Trends Driving Today’s Home Design
  • Small House, BIG Impact

Multifamily—The demand for multifamily housing continues to grow. Explore multifamily housing trends and gain insights while connecting with others in this unique housing sector. Programs include:

  • Up Close with Brad Hunter: Built-for-Rent Single Family Housing
  • Groupthink: Managing Multifamily Supply Chain Problems
  • Building Healthy: Resilient Multifamily Projects in a Post-Pandemic World

Remodeling—As remodeling activity continues to increase, learn to leverage that demand. This is the place for you to gain valuable knowledge, insightful perspective and hone your remodeling techniques. Programs include:

  • Coffee & Codes: Deciphering the Code Without a Decoder Ring
  • Going Off-Script: Rehabilitating Homes in the Age of Reality TV
  • Impact: Managing Your Growing Remodeling or New Construction Business Before It Manages You

Sales—Providing an exceptional customer experience is a critical component in driving sales. You’ll have a chance to polish your skills, expand your network and develop new sales and marketing strategies. Programs include:

  • Managing Sales Backlog in an Unpredictable Time
  • Avoid Brand Schizophrenia: How to Keep Brand Messaging On-Track
  • Striking a Balance: Lead Quality Over Quantity

The IBS Centrals are open to all IBS registrants, including those with Expo-Only passes.

If you are seeking a higher level of engagement at IBS—while still being introduced to the latest trends and ideas—you’re sure to find it by hanging out with others in person at the IBS Centrals. A complete list of programs is available on the IBS Mobile App or by visiting the IBS Centrals page at BuildersShow.com.

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