Addressing Unique Challenges: The Building Zone at IBS 2022

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Formerly known as the High Performance Building Zone (HPBZ), the Building Zone will once again provide industry-expertise for building more durable, energy efficient, higher-quality homes. But given the unique challenges faced by our industry, the Builders’ Show is expanding this year’s learning to include efficiencies that can be found in additional areas of the construction process, such as use and types of materials including offsite systems, labor, jobsite productivity, construction speed, cost and more.

The Building Zone is the place where you can learn about the process of high performance building from those who know it best. Ben Bogie, a second-generation high-performance builder from New England, will lead these demonstrations and will be joined by a host of leading builders and influencers.

The Building Zone will feature three distinct learning areas to show—and explain—the process of better performance and construction efficiency.

Observe the “how to” on the demonstration stage. Through a series of interactive demonstrations, you will see the steps for constructing the critical components of a home using the latest methods in high-performance building techniques and construction efficiency. Some of the demos you will see include:

  • Foundation Insulation: High Performance Begins at the Bottom
  • Pre-Applied or Painted On? New Weather-Barrier Options
  • Vented, Unvented or Vaper Open Roofs?

Understand the “why” with interactive programs on the presentation stage. Led by building experts and influencers, this area will feature discussions about techniques and best practices as what’s next in high-performance and construction efficiency is explored. Some of the programs you’ll hear include:

  • Panelize In-House or Sub Out: How Architect Plans Become Panelized Plans
  • Communicating High Performance Details
  • Stormproof Flashing at Roof to Wall Connections

Gain “hands-on” knowledge as you tour the building display area. This is where you’ll gain first-hand knowledge of the techniques discussed on stage by inspecting full-size displays of walls, roofs and other components.

How to Attend:

Building Zone programming is available to all IBS attendees and will be held February 8-10, 2022, on the IBS show floor. Plan to attend IBS 2022 in person to take advantage of the high-quality, industry-focused education only available at the Builders’ Show. Register at


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