The New American Home 2022: Phase 3 Update

Large, two story house with palm tree and lawn.

Energy efficiency is always one of the top goals for The New American Home® (TNAH) projects. This year’s home is no exception as Envy Homes and Two Trails Sustainable Building Consultants work together in Phase 3 to achieve a highly efficient home.

Steven Earl, president of Envy Homes, notes that they have incorporated several products to achieve high performance, energy efficiency, healthy air quality and sustainability.

Earlier this fall, Drew Smith, chief operating officer for Two Trails Sustainability Consultants, was on-site to conduct a pre-drywall and thermal bypass inspection—both of which are required to qualify for any of the green certifications. “The reason we do this is to ensure that the insulations were installed properly,” explains Smith.

The inspections encompass a number of checks including the proper insulation of hot water lines, the sealing around windows and vents and reviewing the installation quality of windows and the air conditioning units. “We don’t want to have any leakage,” says Smith.

“The 2022 New American Home was built in layers,” states Earl. “LP provided us with their Weather Logic product which is a new OSB style plywood.”

Other building material products that were integrated into the build include Benjamin Obdyke’s Cedar Breather® Roofing Underlayment and Hydrogap® drainable house wrap, and Fi-Foil Company’s Advanced Reflective Insulation and M-Shield.

Each year, a new home is built to reveal and demonstrate some of the most noteworthy advancements in home building. It provides new ideas to industry professionals that they can apply across other housing projects.

“That’s why [TNAH] exists—to showcase all of these different products,” says Earl. “I feel confident in what we’ve put together for The New American Home 2022.”

About The New American Home®

The New American Home 2022 (TNAH) is being built in the trendsetting community of Laureate Park at Lake Nona. This three-story 4,646 square foot home is designed by BSB Design and constructed by Envy Homes.

The New American Home is the official show home of the NAHB International Builders’ Show® and showcases the industry’s best practices, innovative concepts and state-of-the-art products intending to allow industry professionals to glean new ideas that they can apply to their housing projects.

The custom-built home will be completed and open for touring in-person during the Builders’ Show, February 8-10, 2022, in Orlando, FL. Visit to learn more.

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