Signature Kitchen Suite Snags 2 Best of IBSx™ Awards

Kitchen cabinets with a stainless steel oven

“It’s all about slow cooking and perfect cooking,” said Rod Gower, LG Electronics senior regional sales manager, while presenting the 36-inch Dual Fuel Pro Range with Sous Vide, Induction and Gas by Signature Kitchen Suite to the Best of IBSx Awards judges via Zoom earlier this month.

The range’s innovative cooking method, newly engineered and crafted for a residential setting, impressed the judges, who awarded it both the Best Indoor Product and Best Home Technology Product.

“The best example is a wedding, where you see hundreds of steaks come out at the same time, and they’re all hot and medium rare, and you’re wondering how they did that? Well, it’s because they have a commercial-style sous vide machine,” Gower explained. “And what we did with this product is we brought that technology in and put it into the range.”

The award-winner also boasts two-zone induction, ultra-high and ultra-low heat burners, the largest capacity steam-combination convection oven, and it delivers under 39 British thermal units (BTUs) as well as low ambient heat. It also requires a no make-up air system. Bonus: LG says that once the unit is in the residence, one person can perform the installation.

Judges across the board were wowed by the product:

“This product is miraculous in a lot of ways. It offers many features desired by gourmet chefs and does it in a 36-inch size.” – Patrick O’Toole, editorial director, publisher and co-owner of K&B Design News, Qualified Remodeler magazine and Residential Design magazine

“I love this product because it could really show new ways of cooking by making it easy. Plus, it’s an intro to induction heating, which I think will eventually become the new standard as we ease off of natural gas.” – Patrick Duffy, columnist at Builder & Developer magazine

“This is certainly a best in show product as it not only ‘solves’ issues for the home chef, but it’s 36 inches of compact efficiency.” — Jeanne Conger, principal consultant, Home Building Industry at General Real Estate

“After seeing the demo and hearing about this, I was blown away with the capabilities and the innovation in the product. The combination of gas and electric, the sous vide function, plus the great-sized induction cooktop are all impressive.” — Ian Bryant, senior director of strategic partnerships at CEDIA

“This 36″ Pro Range checks all the boxes with convection, and gas with the wok grill, the sous vide on the cooktop area, and an electric oven with steam capability. The 38k BTU rating is also a big plus as it doesn’t trigger make-up air requirements. The touch screen with Wi-Fi capabilities adds a nice touch of technology to a great looking range.” — Mike Demboski, procurement manager at PulteGroup

“Love the engineering that went behind this product development that enables its user to have all the cooking technology they’ll ever need in one compact design. It’s costly but not requiring make-up air will help offset some of it.” — Beverly Smirnis, publisher at Building Savvy magazine

Congratulations to Signature Kitchen Suite on winning Best Home Technology Product and Best Indoor Product. To view all of the Best of IBSx winners, visit

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