Pella Easy Slide Operator Wins Best Window & Door Product

Best of IBSx Award Winner

“Opening and closing your windows will never be the same.”

That’s the revolutionary promise from a new product commercial for The Pella Easy Slide Operator — which was awarded Best of IBSx™ Best Window & Door Product.

It might be marketing, but it’s telling a true story.

Featuring a patent-pending “easy” slide function that’s as easy “as dimming the lights with a dimmer switch,” users of the product can open and close a variety of Pella’s casement and awning windows.

Here’s what one Best of IBSx judge had to say about this revolutionary innovation:

“This is my pick for top product,” said Best of IBSx judge Nigel Maynard, Editor-in-Chief of Custom Builder and PRODUCTS magazines. “The innovation in this unit is obvious and the design is stellar. While it remains to be seen how long the hardware will hold up, this product ushers in a totally new idea and is nicely integrated into the overall window.”

In its presentation to the IBSx panel earlier this month, Pella explained its process in accessing the potential life and dependability of the product.

“We test the operator to 20,000 cycles, which is the equivalent to somebody opening and closing their window once a day for 54 years,” said Bryan Warring, a product marketing manager at Pella Corporation. “The average consumer actually opens and closes their window maybe once a week. So, if you multiply that out, it tells the durability and longevity story of this product.”

“There’s also the quality of the internal components — a Kevlar belt, the stainless-steel ball bearings, all the different things we’ve done intentionally to basically prove out and ensure that it lasts a very long time,” he added.

The award-winning product also boasts a slim, sleek design so it doesn’t interfere with treatments or other decor. The hardware features a brake system that allows users to partially open the window and have it secured in place.

“The strength of our material also lets us have extremely thin profiles,” said Warring. “After lab -testing this product, we discovered that we have the strongest material that’s available on the marketplace right now.”

Congratulations to Pella Corporation on winning Best Window and Door Product. To view all of the Best of IBSx winners, visit

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