Axis Smart Glass Bioclimatic System by Suntech-Albayrak Group Wins Best Outdoor Product

Best of IBSx Award Winner

The glass that’s used in a new, innovative bioclimatic pergola system by Suntech-Albayrak Group is much like today’s modern speakers, plugs, security cameras, or thermostats.

It’s “smart.”

The smart glass, as well as rain and wind sensors, optional lighting upgrades and more, earned this innovative pergola system top marks in the Best Outdoor Product category. Here’s what one judge had to say:

“Highly cool product,” said Best of IBSx Awards judge Lou Salge, Vice President, Four Seasons Design and Remodeling. “The idea of fulfilling multiple purposes with the glass — weather barrier, shade, louvre — is very intriguing.”

In the Axis Smart Glass Bioclimatic System, not only can the louvres tilt and silently rotate up to 90 degrees, but with the flip of a switch they can go from being clear and transparent to being frosted and opaque, serving as an electric blind that provides privacy and security as well as protection from normal or severe weather (it’s 100% water-resistant).

With an elegant and modern design, the system can easily transform an outdoor space and make it more comfortable no matter what the weather may bring.

“One of the key points of this creation and innovation is that it’s ideal for any climate, especially ones that trend colder because sunshine is so important,” explained a member of the Suntech-Albayrak Group team, during its presentation to the IBSx judging panel earlier this month. “And to have a roof that’s completely glass will provide them with more sunshine. But, of course, if for some reason they don’t want, or it’s too much, they can flip the switch and the glass will be totally opaque.”

Boasting an aluminum and stainless steel frame construction, the product also comes complete with a five-year warranty.

Congratulations to Suntech-Albayrak Group on winning Best Outdoor Product. To view all of the Best of IBSx winners, visit

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