AeroBarrier Connect by Aeroseal Wins Most Innovative Software Award

Best of IBSx Award Winner

Wellness and technology are proving to be a winning product combination, based on the innovation AeroSeal shared with a panel of Best of IBSx Awards judges earlier this month.

“As far as air sealing, in general, we feel like we’ve created a new trade in the marketplace,” said Aeroseal Director Paul Springer.

“And we continue to advance this technology. This is now an all wireless technology.”

Impressed by the product redesign and enhanced efficiencies, the judges awarded AeroBarrier Connect, the first and only computer-controlled air sealing system, the top spot in the Most Innovative Software category.

“It’s well-designed and clearly a game-changer,” said Best of IBSx Awards judge Joshua Dean, President, Precision Homecrafters, LLC. “This tool has the ability to significantly improve how houses are made and how they can meet building requirements and standards.”

The software runs its air sealing process to effectively measures building envelope tightness so that builders can finetune their construction — new or remodeled.

By pressurizing the space, its smart nozzles emit a non-toxic sealant that automatically seeks out leaks by adhering to various building materials, including drywall, lumber (treated and untreated), metal, and OSB. For this reason, it can be used pre or post drywall and provide real-time insights as it tracks and records the envelope of the home.

According to Aeroseal, its smart technology — which only takes an hour to 90 minutes start to finish — removes human error while getting to areas that cannot be reached with manual techniques.

“The requirements for improved efficiencies with regards to air leaks and blower door testing have, and will continue to become more stringent,” said Best of IBSx Awards judge Wes Robbins, Chief Marketing Officer, Quick-Tie Products. “This is a great product. I remember it from years past and it seems now with the upgraded technology the product is more user friendly and efficient.”

“An efficient, effective solution for builders,” said Best of IBSx Awards judge Rick Schumacher, Executive Editor and Publisher of LBM Journal.

AeroBarrier Connect can also help meet any Energy Star, LEED, Passive House or Net Zero requirement.

Congratulations to AeroSeal on winning Most Innovative Software. To view all of the Best of IBSx winners, visit

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