Game Changers Spotlight: Ignite Your Social Influence

Erin Gargan

When you are typing, tweeting or texting, how persuasive are you?

As a salesperson, you are obviously great at communicating in person, so what is it about having a screen that makes it so challenging to achieve clear communication? How can you translate how you really are in an authentic way so that it’s reflected behind the screen? And when you have a screen blocking what makes you so effective at what you do, how can you ensure that you are being heard?

These are likely just some of the countless questions you—as a sales professional—have contemplated as you try to connect with potential customers online.

Meet Erin Gargan, CEO of Socialite Agency, an award-winning social media firm, and one of the featured Game Changers keynote speakers at the upcoming NAHB International Builders’ Show™ (IBS). She understands what’s at stake when you are able to figure out how to communicate authentically online, because she’s lived it. She discovered a pattern that improved her ability to influence from behind the screen forever, and with that shift she was able to take her business from survival mode to having big names like Hitachi, ABC-Disney and The Oscars as clients.

Erin will present her digital persuasion insights at one of the Game Changers keynote presentations at this year’s Builders’ Show. Here’s what you can expect from her session.

Digital Persuasion: Ignite Your Social Influence
Featuring Erin Gargan, Socialite Agency
Tuesday, February 19, 11:00 AM – 12:00 NOON

Do you find that standing out in the loud—check that—ROARING world of social media has become an almost impossible challenge?

It’s not enough to show or tell a great building story on social media anymore. Convincing others to engage with your business requires a strategy for not just what story you are sharing, but who is sharing it. You must move from “right message, right time, right person” to “real message, real time, real person.”

Welcome to the art of digital persuasion—and there are none better at harnessing its power than Erin Gargan. Hired by The Oscars, ABC-Disney, VISA, Hitachi, the U.S. Navy and others, she’s helped countless global brands implement social selling strategies that inspire action, and she will show you how to do the same—even if you are a marketing team of one.

Using Erin’s dynamic, first-hand case studies and her simple digital persuasion equation, you’ll leave empowered and equipped to attract attention, increase influence and sell smarter in today’s modern social media marketplace.

Game Changers sessions are open to all attendees with a Full Registration or 1-Day Education valid for the day of the session. Learn more.

About Erin

Erin is the author of Digital Persuasion: Sell Smarter in the Modern Marketplace. She is an international keynote speaker and CEO/Founder of Socialite Agency, a social media firm specializing in corporate trade shows, conferences and events. Erin sold her first two companies before the age of 30 and now fundraises for Camp One Ventures, a Palo Alto-based VC firm. She has been featured in Forbes and was named one of the 2016 Orange County Business Journal’s Women in Business.

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