Upgrade Bathroom Mirrors with Ease

your bathroom mirrors begun to show their age with blackening edges? Do you
want a fast, long-lasting—and beautiful—update to the look of your bath?

The Precision
Frameworks Easy Frame®
is a flat-backed molding
that does not have a rabbet and can instantly turn your mirror into a seemingly
high-quality, framed piece.

also the 2018
Best of IBS winner for Best Bath Product
! Easy
Frame is essentially a wooden-framed version of a bevel strip, designed for
mirrors that are already installed on the wall. It’s adhered with industrial-strength,
double-sided tape, directly to the face of the mirror.

All frames are precut all of the frames to
the custom size that is required. “This is truly one of the most cost-effective
and efficient ways to upgrade the look of your bathroom and is designed to fit
the exact needs of each individual,” says Guy Andrews, Precision
Frameworks Sales Manager. 

The Best of IBS judges agreed, noting the frames are a
“Great product, well-executed at an excellent price,” “Neat product,” ”Very
useful,” “Great solution for all the retrofit plate mirrors out there!” and “Innovative!” 

The Easy Frame is made from
medium-density fiberboard (MDF), and the finishes consist of laminated
vinyl/foil wraps and a liquid compo that hard sets on the surface, allowing for
intricate and ornate designs to be printed on to the molding. 

Extending its value even
further, all Easy Frames are shipped disassembled, saving customers on shipping
costs. They can put the frame together with a prepacked assembly kit. Easy
Frame® is manufactured and fabricated here in the U.S. and ships out of
Atlanta.Bottom of Form

year’s Best of IBS Awards competition was fierce, with more than 300 entries in
nine product categories. These entries were narrowed to 60 finalists, and awards
were given to exhibitors with a product or line that shows the best combination
of design, functionality and innovation, as well as its usefulness to consumers
and/or home builders.

Congratulations, Precision Works!

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