A Gas Furnace That Goes Green


Protect the environment and stay warm and cozy while you do it! Efficient and environmentally-friendly, the Lennox DLS SL280NV Ultra-Low NOx Gas Furnace produces 65% lower NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions than standard low-NOx furnaces.

It’s also the 2018 Best of IBS Awards winner for Best Green Building Product, noted by judges as “a welcome addition to heating and cooling solutions with lower emissions…excited to see where this product takes the company and the industry.”

This ultra-low NOx gas furnace features a variable-speed motor to maintain consistent temperatures throughout your home, using as little fuel as possible. Its iComfort® S30 ultra-smart thermostat compatibility allows consumers to adjust heating for energy savings based on the family’s routine.

But its most critical contribution is low emission levels, says Senior Heating Product Manager, Jill Murphy. “Decreasing emissions by 65% was a big breakthrough. It took several years of research, development and testing to get all the improvements to reach this milestone and keep the same great benefits you get with a Lennox Furnace.”

An energy rating of 80% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) means the SL280NV can significantly reduce heating costs compared to an older furnace. The furnace’s variable-speed blower and two-stage gas valve allow it to adjust its speed and airflow to maintain ideal temperature throughout the home. So even on cold mornings and chilly evenings, the home remains comfortable and energy-efficient.

Built for durability and reliability, the SL280NV is made with a heavy-duty steel cabinet for a long, trouble-free life.

But Lennox will continue searching for its breakthroughs, says Murphy. “Homes are getting smarter and technology is getting smarter. On our roadmap is how can we take this Ultra Low NOx technology and push efficiencies and diagnostics so the overall system is smarter and connected. Wherever this takes us you can be sure we will be leading with Innovation!”

Congratulations, Lennox Industries!

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