Meet Our Speakers Series: Peter Yost

Peter Yost is the principal
and vice president of technical services with BuildingGreen, Inc., located in Brattleboro, Vermont. The
company’s mission is “to bring about a healthier relationship between human
society and the natural world by helping building professionals create and nurture
high-performance, resilient, and inspiring buildings and communities.” 

the NAHB International Builders’ Show®, Peter will present “Field Testing Live: Measuring Real-World
Performance of Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Tapes.”

We caught up with Peter to get
a bit more information about the green building topic. 

NAHB: What are you are looking
forward to the most at IBS?
Walking the show floor with my buddy and architect, Steve Baczek, and my
brother, Nathan.

NAHB: Do you have a favorite blog
that you read regularly?
One of my favorites is the BuildingGreen blog because it is full of great information from
many experts. Having said that, another favorite (outside of ours) is
definitely Martin Holladay’s Musing of an Energy Nerd, on Green Building Advisor. 

NAHB: What industry trends are you
most excited about?
Systems integration at the building product level—where manufacturers start to
dovetail how their products work with other components in assemblies, such as
sheathing that works with tapes and insulation systems. 

NAHB: Do you have a memorable
speaking story?
Well, there was this one time where at the end of my talk, I was dressed only in
a green Lycra bodysuit … [see this video
at 35:00]. 

NAHB: Success quote?
I’ve got two. Mine: “For high performance buildings, manage energy and moisture
with equal intensity.” And from Joe
, “When it comes to buildings,
there is no free thermodynamic lunch.” 

Peter’s session
will be held on Thursday, January 12. 

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