Meet Our Speakers Series: Erin Gargan

Erin Gargan will be presenting a Thought Leader session at the NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS) in January. She is the Founder of Socialite Agency, an award-winning social media agency, and she’s worked with over 100 brands, including The Oscars, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, ABC/Disney Television and VISA, and been featured in Forbes and BusinessWeek. We recently caught up with her to get her thoughts on where social media is heading … and a few fun tidbits, too.

NAHB: In thinking about the Builders’ Show, what are you most excited about sharing during your session?
ERIN: I’m excited to share my social media strategies to help attendees evolve their business development approach to be more impactful and effective in the digital age.

NAHB: What is a favorite podcast that you listen to regularly?
ERIN: I am obsessed with James Altucher’s podcast, Ask Altucher. I love his authentic, stream-of-consciousness interview style, and his guests include some of the most interesting entrepreneurs and thought leaders out there. James isn’t afraid to be vulnerable when it comes to opening up about himself, plus he asks really pointed questions. I always come away with at least one “Ah-ha” insight to think about that day. I encourage you to give it a listen; you’ll be hooked.

NAHB: Where are you currently located and do you have one “must see” place you’d recommend to out-of-town visitors?
ERIN: I recently relocated to Charlotte, NC from Orange County, CA so I don’t know the area all that well yet, but I’ve been told that the Carolina Panthers football tailgating and games are a must!

NAHB: What trends in social media are you most excited about?
ERIN: Live-streamed video within platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook Live. It’s a game changer!

NAHB: Best book read in the last six months and why.
ERIN: Simon Sinek’s Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action. Why? Because this quote was very impactful: “Every company, organization or group with the ability to inspire starts with a person or small group of people who were inspired to do something bigger than themselves.”

NAHB: What are your predictions for social media in 2017?
ERIN: 1) More content marketing investment and support from the executive level. 2) More required training, implementation and ongoing management of enterprise-level social selling programs. 3) Better data and predictive analytics will make projections for social selling performance and ROI demonstration much easier.

Erin’s Thought Leader session will be held on Wednesday, January 11.

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