Meet Our Speakers Series: Bobby Tsui


Bobby Tsui started his career in music production and
recording engineering, but today he is a digital strategist and author with 5+
years consulting and running a successful digital agency. At the NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS),
Bobby will tackle the topic of increasing website conversion in the advanced
session, “From
Content to Conversion: Building a Killer Website (No Matter How Big Your

We caught up with Bobby to get a sneak peek into his
session and a few fun tidbits, too. 

NAHB: What are
you are looking forward to the most at IBS?
definitely be walking the floor plan to see all the exhibits, and I am looking
forward to meeting up with colleagues, clients and acquaintances that I’ve made
across the nation.  

NAHB: Do you
have a favorite blog or podcast that you read/listen to regularly?
BOBBY: There
are several blogs and podcasts, so I can’t pinpoint a favorite. The subjects
range from business to industry trends to marketing and sales. Actually, I do
listen to The Pitch a lot. It’s a Shark Tank-esque
podcast where early stage entrepreneurs and founders pitch their businesses to venture
capitalists. I love the intense factor of it all! 

NAHB: How does
your previous career in music production and recording engineering play a role
in what you do today? 
BOBBY: I love
this question! Music is a vehicle for self-expression, and within the construct
of packaging self-expression for monetary gain, I’ve learned how to artfully
blend messaging and media vehicles to express truth in its simplest form, without
sacrificing integrity.  

NAHB: What
industry trends are you most excited about?
fact that Millennials and Generation Z are beginning to flood the market. 

NAHB: What is
the best piece of advice you can give industry professionals looking to gain a
better foothold in website conversion rates?
best piece of advice I can give, and this one applies for both large production
builders and smaller builders/remodeling firms, is to invest in buyer persona
development. This is perhaps the most unsexy activity, and for this reason,
never gets discussed. As Adele Revella of the Buyer Persona Institute says,
“The ROI is this simple: When you know how to help buyers evaluate your
approach on their own terms, you build a bond of trust that competitors can’t

NAHB: Where
are you located and do you have a “must see” spot you’d recommend to
out-of-town visitors?
reside in West Los Angeles, which is pretty close to the Santa Monica Pier. The
one must-see place that you probably haven’t heard about is the Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine Temple.
It’s a beautiful garden to meditate, re-energize and balance yourself. 

NAHB: If you
were stuck on a deserted island, what are three items you’d want with you?
BOBBY: A pen,
a notebook and a genie lamp. 

NAHB: Best
book read in the last year?
BOBBY: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I’m
always rereading this one to figure out if I’m still in the glass shop, the
desert or if I’ve arrived in Egypt already.  

NAHB: What’s
one item you really wish would be invented and why?
BOBBY: At one
point, humanity was surviving on just fire and rock tools for millions of
years. Now that we have bigger brains, let’s do as much as we can in 100 years
to progress humanity forward. We don’t need a million years to be
interplanetary species. 

NAHB: Favorite
BOBBY: Swedish

NAHB: In three
words, describe your prediction of the building industry in 2017.
BOBBY: Who’s
our president? 

Bobby’s session will be held on Wednesday, January 11. 

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