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The best way to ensure you see, do and experience everything you want to at the Builders’ Show in Vegas is to create a daily show plan. The best way to create a daily show plan is to download the official IBS App, now available in your app store.

What You Can Do with the IBS App

The IBS App is the quickest and easiest way to find everything happening at the show. It’s your mobile guide to the Builders’ Show.

With the app, you can:

  • Search for exhibitors
  • Find education sessions to attend
  • Create your daily show schedule
  • Add your sessions, events and meetings to My Agenda
  • Network with other attendees
  • Receive real-time IBS alerts so you don’t miss one minute of the show
  • Navigate the Convention Center and get you from one place to another

How to Download the App

Download the IBS App on your smartphone or tablet. You can download the app at or go to your app store and search “IBS 2024.”

Google Play Store App Store

How to Set Up & Use the App

Once you download the IBS 2024 App, log in with your
confirmation/badge ID and last name. When logged in, you can find everything IBS-related to events or education, create your schedule and more.

IBS 2024 App

Find & Favorite IBS Education Sessions in the App

When you click on the Education option, education sessions are sub-divided by major track, speaker, type or professional interest.

Once you choose a session, you can quickly and easily view descriptions, speakers and locations for the IBS Education Sessions.

To add an IBS Education Session to your agenda, click the Add to My Agenda Button while in the education session. When you add an education session to My Agenda, you can view it in the IBS Schedule. You can also view all events via the IBS Schedule and apply filters.

IBS App Education

Find & Favorite Exhibitors in the IBS App

Exhibitors are separated by segments, product categories, zones, Best of IBS™ Awards and Outdoor Exhibits. You can also view IBS exhibitors by show specials, celebrities or new products.

When you tap on the exhibitor listing, you can find contact information, booth number, social media connections and exhibitor-provided materials, such as brochures.

To add an IBS Exhibitor to your Favorites, tap the star next to Add to Favorites while in the exhibitor listing or the star next to the exhibitor in the All Exhibitors listing. You can find your favorite exhibitors in the My Favorites section of the app.

Once you are at the show, you can use the map to find a booth on the show floor and to navigate between locations.

How to Create Your Daily Schedule in the App

Creating your schedule for the show is simple and easy using the IBS App. Tap the Add to My Agenda in the IBS Education Session, event or meeting you want to attend during the show.

When you favorite any events in the app, it automatically adds it to your agenda. You can access your daily show schedule under the My Agenda tab of the app.

If you add a speaker or exhibitor to your favorites, these show under the My Favorites tab of the IBS Schedule in the app.

How to Set a Meeting or Event Reminder in the App

Next to the meeting or event in the app is a bell icon. If you click on the bell icon, this sets a reminder in the app. You receive a notification reminder five minutes before the event or meeting begins.

IBS App User Tips:

  • Tap the Add to My Agenda to add a session, event or speaker to your agenda in the IBS Schedule section of the app.
  • Tap the star to add an exhibitor to your Favorites.
  • You can add education sessions or meetings happening at the same time. Decide later which one to attend.
  • The app will also check your agenda for free time slots and make suggestions in that section.
  • You can add notes to an individual education session in the app. It is a great way to jot down short notes, reminders and names of people or products you want to look up later. You can save the notes and/or email them to yourself. You can email and share the notes by individual session or all your notes by tapping the “Share” icon.
  • Use the map feature in the app to navigate the show floor. Zoom in to read the names of exhibitors and booth numbers and rooms. Tap on a room to see all the events happening there. The best way to view the map is to turn the device to landscape view and zoom in and out.
  • Any time you have a question, you can use the search feature in the app to find information on show hours, safety and security, The New American Home®, Design & Construction Week®, IBS Centrals, transportation and much more. You can also receive real-time alerts about what’s happening at the show, such as giveaways. Set your notification preferences so you don’t miss a thing!

You can log in to the app with your registration ID and last name. The last name passwords are case sensitive, and need to match the registration exactly, so if any letters in your last name are capitalized in your registration, then make sure you enter them the same way when logging in. 

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