7 Ways to Land Leads at the Builders’ Show

Exhibitors and attendees discuss products at IBS

The NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS) is one of the most prominent events in the construction industry. Attended by professionals from all corners of the building, remodeling and construction sectors, it’s a golden opportunity for IBS Exhibitors to network, connect with decision-makers and acquire valuable leads. Here are seven effective strategies to maximize your lead generation as an IBS Exhibitor at the Builders’ Show.

#1 Strategically Design an Engaging Booth

Your IBS Exhibitor booth design plays a crucial role in attracting high-quality leads. With 60,000+ attendees streaming past your booth, ensure it is open, welcoming, visually appealing and reflects your brand identity, so it grabs their attention and draws them in.

Consider interactive elements, demonstrations and engaging displays to draw attendees in and engage them once they are there. The more attractive, informative, engaging and interactive your booth is, the more likely you’ll attract quality leads.

Stand Out

Your booth should be eye-catching and memorable. Make sure it represents your brand and tells a story at first glance. Think about a billboard. It needs big graphics and large text, but not a lot of text. The pictures and graphics should speak volumes about what your booth and company are all about.

Interactive Elements

Include engaging features like touchscreens, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) experiences or hands-on product demos. The more interactive, the better because it keeps them engrossed in your booth, product or service and creates more of an opportunity to turn them into a quality lead.

Clear Messaging

Ensure your main value proposition is clearly displayed and easily understandable. Use graphics to illustrate and complement any text.

#2 IBS Expo Pass Invitations

IBS Exhibitors receive free IBS Expo Passes to invite customers, prospects and leads they want to connect with to the Builders’ Show exhibit floor. Identify potential leads and create a target list. Reach out to them before the show, expressing your interest in connecting and invite them with a free IBS Expo Pass to visit your booth at the show. This proactive approach can make in-person meetings more productive and increase your chances of generating quality leads. IBS Exhibitors can access these free Expo Pass invitations on the customer invitation dashboard.

#3 Rent the Builders’ Show Attendee List

IBS Exhibitors can rent the IBS attendee pre-show and post-show direct mail and email lists. Get your message in front of pre-registered IBS attendees before they arrive at the show by using a pre-show direct mail or email list. Invite them to visit your booth while they’re on the show floor.


Or you can follow up with attendees (even the ones that didn’t stop by your booth) after IBS using a post-show direct mail or email list. A limited number of IBS pre-show emails are available, so schedule yours in advance. Minimum purchase requirements apply. The available lists are 2023 IBS Post-Show Attendees, 2024 IBS Pre-Show Attendees and 2024 Post-Show Attendees.

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