BILT Wins Best Home Software

Best of IBS Home Software winner BILT

BILT app revolutionizes assembly, installation, set-up, maintenance, training and repair with 3D interactive Intelligent Instructions® that are guided by voice, text and animated images. 

It’s the 2023 winner of the Best of IBS™ Award for Best Home Software. 

BILT is a customer experience platform that provides official 3D interactive instructions for thousands of products from hundreds of brands.  

“I just love what this software does and how it does it. This replaces the need to search YouTube and makes printed directions, which seemingly never are written by humans, a thing of the past. Hope all manufacturers sign onto this.” – Day Atkins, Southern PHC Magazine 

The BILT app is free to users, both DIYers and professionals. Premium brands and manufacturers provide the BILT experience for their products because it increases customer satisfaction, reduces frustration and assists customer support in efficiently managing calls.  

“Great free app for the user to get instructions on how to do a project. It’s an instruction manual, based on material supplied by manufacturers, that provides animations on how to install and repair products.” – Jim Carr, University of Arkansas at Little Rock 

Brands choose to work with BILT to provide a premium experience. They pay for and approve the BILT 3D instructions for their products. That way, the brands can keep track of the most correct and up-to-date version. Brands trust BILT’s instructions for designers to create simple, straightforward and organized projects. 

“The BILT employees were eager to discuss and demonstrate their product. I found their product to be very well organized, versatile and user friendly.” – Chuck Miller, Chuck Miller Consulting, LLC. 

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