Door Stud Wins Best Window & Door Product

Door Stud wins Best of IBS Award
Door Stud wins Best of IBS Award

A door installation tool that revolutionizes how builders install pre-hung or slab doors. 

Door Stud holds the door during installation, reducing labor while increasing productivity, consistency and quality.  

Door Stud is the 2023 Best Window & Door Product Best of IBS™ Award winner. Door Stud was also named Best in Show.  

“I was so impressed with this product, its practicality, application and design. There isn’t really anything else on the market that supports door installation – making it easier, reducing install errors, saving time and supports the installers’ safety and physical well-being most importantly. Millions of doors are installed each year at the residential and commercial level. A product like this is easily available to all and should be added to the contractors’ toolbox. Its innovation is in its simple design and application. It’s just really smart!” – Amanda Bryant, Red Tree Builders  

“Such a simple and elegant solution for installing doors. Allows for a single person to do the job with ease. Offers different weight limits. I think this is truly a game changer for contractors looking to be more efficient with their skilled labor resources.” – Patrick O’Toole, SOLA Group Inc. 

Congratulations to Door Stud for winning Best in Show and Best Window & Door Product. Check out the rest of the Best of IBS Award Winners.


  1. How could the 34′ x 12′ LaCantina Folding Door not win best in show? This innovative product had by far the most booth traffic and conversation at the show?

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