Four Reasons You Should Visit Remodeling Central

As America’s homes and homeowners grow older, the demand for remodeling continues to rise. If your business handles any remodeling or renovation work, or if you are interested in learning more about the industry, then be sure to come to IBS Remodeling Central.
This Central offers several perks you can’t get just anywhere at the Builders’ Show:

#1: Any IBS Registrant Can Attend

No Education Pass? No problem! If you’ve registered for IBS, then you are welcome to come by Remodeling Central any time for light breakfast, great conversation with fellow remodelers, and targeted education offerings.

#2: Great Networking Opportunities

Speaking of great conversations, if you wanted someone to swap remodeling stories with, or to help you brainstorm about a challenging home you’re currently working on, then you’re in the right place. At Remodeling Central you’ll find many remodeling experts and professionals who are just as dedicated to their craft as you are. And since you’re not among competitors, you’ll be able to have honest conversations and fresh perspectives that you couldn’t have at home.

#3: Top-Notch Education Tailored To You

Throughout the Builders’ Show, Remodeling Central has informal educational programs scheduled for you and your team. Dig deeper into best practices for remodeling, insights from recent focus groups, and predictions of what the future holds for the remodeling market in the coming year.

#4: Build Your Practical Skills

In addition to broad insights and education, there is also a strong focus on practical application at Remodeling Central. On Tuesday at 1:30 pm, for example, Founder and President of Golden Age Living Wanda Gozdz will train you on how to conduct a home audit for an aging client, and how to help them factor in both their immediate and long-term needs when remodeling their home.

This is the Central for you if you spend any time on remodeling projects. Make sure you take time out of your busy show schedule to drop by. Find out more about Remodeling Central on the IBS website.

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