New Products. New Promotional Opportunities at IBS.

New Product Zone sign hangs above expo show floor

Hundreds of products make their debut each year at the NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS). Exhibitors are always looking for ways to spread the word about their latest and greatest product beyond their booth space on the show floor.

IBS Exhibitors, hold on to your hard hats because we have an exclusive opportunity for you.

Be a Part of One of The Hottest Areas on the Show Floor

One of the most popular spaces on the show floor is the New Product Zone. It’s where 75 IBS Exhibitors get their chance to debut their hottest new products to hit the industry. IBS Exhibitors have the chance to debut their hot NEW product by featuring it as part of the New Product Zone at the Builders’ Show.

Benefits of Exhibiting in the New Product Zone

The New Product Zone is always a buzz of activity. Show attendees flock to the New Product Zone to discover new cutting-edge products for the building industry. Since show attendees love this area, visit this area and are enthusiastic about new products, it is the #1 place that an IBS Exhibitor with a new industry product should be.

ONLY 75 products are selected for the New Product Zone. This is not a lot of products, so it gives your product the chance to shine and stand out.

Promotional Benefits of the New Product Zone

The main benefits of participating in the New Product Zone are putting your new products where attendees are looking for them. We make it easy to find your new product because the New Product Zone is at the entrance of the Central Exhibit Hall (Booth #C1049)!

Some other promotional benefits include:

  • Getting in front of attendees online in a featured listing in the new products section of the IBS online exhibitor directory
  • Exposure in the physical copy of the Official IBS Show Guide, which has ads, information and more about the New Product Zone and is handed out to all show attendees
  • Online promotion of the New Product Zone and its exhibitors by 100s of media outlets throughout the world

If you are an IBS Exhibitor who has a hot new product, get the word out at the show. DON’T WAIT to apply. Only 75 products are chosen. Apply to participate in the New Product Zone today.

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