Deliver High-Performance Homes & Protect Your Bottom Line

Residential Construction Performance Guidelines

Every professional residential builder and remodeler needs a set of guidelines to follow to ensure they deliver high-performance homes while protecting their bottom line. 

Enter the Residential Construction Performance Guidelines. 

The Sixth Edition is now available three ways. 

#1 Contractor Reference 

This fully updated reference tool helps builders and remodelers manage customer expectations, resolve customer complaints and deliver high-performance homes covering more 340 guidelines in 13 major construction categories. . 

#2 Consumer Reference 

Provide a copy of the guidelines to each customer to help them understand the basics of a properly constructed home and how it should perform during the warranty period. Providing this reference guide exhibits your professionalism by showing that you consistently meet or exceed accepted industry guidelines. 

#3 Digital   

For the first time, builders and remodelers can provide their clients with an electronic copy of RCPG, Consumer Reference. 

Bulk discount pricing is available. 

For more information and to purchase your copy of Residential Construction Performance Guidelines, visit 

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