SPAN Gen 2 Smart Panel Wins Best Energy Efficient Product

Best of IBS Award Winner

Traditional home electric panel meets smart technology for metering, monitoring and device control integration.

It’s the SPAN Gen 2 Smart Panel. It’s the 2022 winner of the Best of IBS™ Award for the Best Energy Efficient Product.

The SPAN Smart Panel is a smart electric panel that serves as an energy management system for the home. It replaces the standard electrical panel to become the control center for connected power, simplifying how homeowners can control home energy and streamline clean energy upgrades like solar and storage.

What’s most impressive about SPAN’s Smart Panel is not only its ability to monitor energy usage to guide later optimization (through identifying existing inefficiencies and/or anomalies in energy waste) but that it’s designed such that the system may be remotely and continuously upgraded indefinitely (much like Tesla cars). It represents a new generation of products, where future upgrading doesn’t require changes to existing hardware.” — Best of IBS Judge  James McClister, Editor, Custom Builder Magazine, Scranton Gillette Communications, Inc.

SPAN serves as the “brain” of a home, giving homeowners the ability to track how much energy they are using and where, to optimize their energy use and control individual circuits (on/off), all from the SPAN Home App.

“The wall panel is an exceptional product for energy efficient conscious consumers and builders to add to their homes in place of a traditional panel that you then would have to add several different components from several different companies to add solar, battery power or others.” —  Amanda Bryant, Owner, Red Tree Builders

With the Smart Panel installed, homeowners can see exactly how much longer they can run certain appliances, not just what percentage of battery is remaining. During a multi-day grid outage, this helps one understand whether a solar powered battery will be able to power their home until the matter is resolved.

Congratulations to SPAN for winning the Best Energy Efficient Product. Check out the rest of the Best of IBS Award Winners.


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