Meet Our Speakers Series: Quint Lears

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Quint Lears of Hakes Brothers is a new home sales expert, trainer, coach and the founder of In 2018, he was recognized as a Professional Builder 40 Under 40 honoree and has been featured several times in industry publications, including Top Agent Magazine, RE/MAX’s Above Magazine and NAHB’s Sales + Marketing Ideas.

At IBSx, Quint will be one of six speakers for the virtual, live session, 2021 Sales Rally: Future-Proof Your Sales Skills. We caught up with him to get a sneak peek into the session and hear how his year has been.

NAHB: Without giving too much away, what will people learn at the 2021 Sales Rally: Future-Proof Your Sales Skills?
QUINT: How to compete in a down and competitive market.

NAHB: The industry experienced some great challenges in 2020. What do you see as the biggest?
QUINT: The biggest challenge is asking people to buy a home that they cannot see and also to wait anywhere from six months to a year or more to build when interest rates are at a historic low and buyers want to lock in their rate today.

NAHB: What is one piece of practical advice you would give our industry for 2021?
QUINT: Remember, our biggest competitor is existing housing. The fact is that nine out of ten homes are used. So, in 2021, we, as a new home industry, need to learn how to completely dominate over the existing home market.

NAHB: What’s been your favorite binge-watch this past year and why?  
QUINT: TV stands for Time eViscerator. Turn it off!

NAHB: What’s been a pleasant surprise that’s come out of social distancing/COVID-19 for you?  
QUINT: Working by appointment and not wasting time. 99% of my contracts are now through DocuSign. This is a great tool!

NAHB: What’s in your refrigerator right now?  
QUINT: My 5-year-old! Well, not literally, but she has the door open and is looking for something to eat.

NAHB: What’s your secret talent that very few people know?
QUINT: I am an expert at the personality system, the Enneagram.

NAHB: Did you pick up or refine a hobby this last year? 
QUINT: Yes, chess. I love playing, and I am getting quite good at the tactics of the game.

NAHB: Share something funny from 2020 …
QUINT: My kids took my toilet paper stockpile and wrapped the youngest like a mummy. It’s funny now, but at the time—at the height of the toilet paper shortage—it was catastrophic!

NAHB: What’s one of your go-to book recommendations?
QUINT: The Wisdom of the Enneagram: The Complete Guide to Psychological and Spiritual Growth for the Nine Personality Types by Don Richard Riso.

NAHB: Besides TP and cleaning products, what out-of-stock item were most surprising to see during the early weeks of quarantine?  
QUINT: Saunas.

NAHB: In three sentences or less, what is your prediction for the building industry in 2021?  
QUINT: Sales are moving from a solo sport to a team effort. Think of a relay race where we need to pass the baton. Think less about closing the sale (a moment), and more about advancing the sale (a process).

2021 Sales Rally: Future-Proof Your Sales Skills is a session in the IBSx Sales & Marketing Track and will be held live on Wednesday, February 10 at 11:00 AM ET.  Learn more about the 100+ IBSx education sessions.

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