Best of IBS™ 2020: Best Outdoor Product

Best of IBS: Best Outdoor Product

The SMART All-Season Patio by Somfy, StruXure Outdoor and Phantom Screens

The SMART All-Season Patio is the ultimate retractable enclosure created through a collaboration of leading specialist—Somfy, StruXure Outdoor and Phantom Screens. Designed to be a true all-season retreat, this product allows homeowners to enjoy dining or lounging in outdoor areas without the sun in their eyes, pesky insects flying around their food or being rained out.

Dynamic pergolas by StruXure Outdoor can create a sheltered outdoor space anywhere with its motorized louvers. They can be opened to blue skies, partially opened to provide shade or closed entirely from the rain.

Phantom’s motorized retractable screens integrate seamlessly into the structure to create temporary “walls” that partially or fully enclose the space. A variety of mesh and vinyl options can provide solar shading, insect protection or temperature control to give homeowners full control of the space regardless of outdoor conditions.

The motors of both systems are powered by Somfy, who offers a wide array of control options including smart programming, multi-channel remotes and home automation integration. Additionally, environmental sensors make the SMART All-Season Patio responsive to rainy, windy and sunny conditions—protecting furnishings, adding comfort and delivering energy efficiency.

Here’s what a few of the Best of IBS Show judges had to say about the SMART All-Season Patio:

“This product gives consumers, in a range of locations and price brackets, the opportunity to incorporate covered outdoor living space.”

“Taking the indoor/outdoor transition to a new level with movable louvers.”

“Love the integration of products, can be a screened room, sunroom porch, waterproof complete oasis and outdoor room. Integration of the products have created an overall experience rather than just a piece of the outdoor living puzzle.”

Congratulations to Somfy, StrucXure Outdoor and Phantom Screens for winning Best Outdoor Product! Be sure to learn more about all of the Best of IBS Awards 2020 Winners.

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