Best of IBS™ 2020: Best Green Building Product

Best of IBS Award Winner

AeroBarrier by AeroBarrier

AeroBarrier is an advanced building envelope system that uses a computerized process to pressurize the building and install AeroBarrier 1x to seal leaks in the building enclosure from the inside. The particles deposit only at the leak sites and build to form a complete and tight seal – remaining firmly in place for years while staying completely pliable and flexible.

AeroBarrier is faster, simpler and more effective than manual envelope sealing and makes it easy to meet or exceed the most stringent envelope leakage requirements. It is simple to use with a five-step process.

AeroBarrier’s software provides real-time data insights to builders and supports multi-point blower door tests for more accurate readings. Based on customer feedback and completed projects to date, the product team is already testing the next generation of AeroBarrier which includes AI-driven smart nozzles for ultra-precise application of sealant.

Here’s what a few of the Best of IBS Show judges had to say:

“[This is a] cost-effective, efficient product that can air seal a home without a lot of extra labor.”

“This product … is making contributions to improving indoor air quality and energy efficiency.”

“An improved testing protocol with two-port blower door that … allows homes to be sealed quicker.”

Congratulations to AeroBarrier for winning the Best Green Building Product! Be sure to learn more about all of the Best of IBS Awards 2020 Winners.

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