Introducing The New American Remodel® 2020

Large white house

The 2020 New American Remodel® (TNAR) is located in a well-established Las Vegas equestrian community made up of custom homes of various styles and sizes. The original ranch-style home was built in 1977. It was 2,170 square feet and consisted of three bedrooms, two baths and operated on a 1,200 gallon septic system that was powered solely by electricity since gas utilities were unavailable.

Once the property was secured and under demolition, the team expected to uncover some unforeseen challenges. And they were right.

“When we got down to the framed walls, we had termites,” states Josh Anderson, owner of Element Building Company. While the plan was to keep the original perimeter walls of the house, because of the discovery of termites, demolition down to the concrete slab was necessary.

“The plan itself didn’t change other than instead of building on top of an existing wall, we’re replacing [them],” explains Anderson.

When complete, TNAR will be two stories with 7,523 square feet (4,802 square feet of living space). The remodeled home will exhibit a sustainable vision by showcasing innovation and exceptional design. Its energy-efficient features include products and systems that incorporate current trends in the housing industry. Additional features include four bedrooms, five baths with two half-baths, a showroom three-car garage, an elegant wine room, five radiant fireplaces, a luxurious summer kitchen and a rooftop terrace with a great view of the Las Vegas Strip.

“If I think about builders across the country and what we do as a group, … we’re constantly pushing for an innovative way to address a challenge. [Challenges] will keep you up at night … [but] I’m hoping we can … deliver something that everybody’s excited about and proud to participate in.”

Visit TNAR to learn more.

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