What Happened at #TechBytes

Tech Bytes

With 27 sessions jammed into three days, there wasn’t a hot technology topic left undiscussed during 2019 IBS Tech Bytes programming.

The large room was split into two separate areas to allow for two distinct types of learning. Education sessions occurred on the education stage, while the tech bar was the place to go for advice and tips from the tech experts that were always available and to work with speakers during their “office hours.”

On the Education Stage:

Tech Bytes TweetThe audience had access to some of the most knowledgeable experts in the industry who were on stage at this year’s Tech Bytes sessions.

Presentation subjects revolved around the practical side of various tech tools being used in the building industry today. Each 30-minute session provided actionable “how-tos” for attendees that they could immediately apply to their businesses. Topics covered included vlogging, email marketing, Houzz, SEO, drones and more.

In the Tech Bar:

This year the tech bar introduced a new feature: a full team of technology and marketing subject matter experts who were well-versed in challenges building industry professionals face and equipped with what tech tools are available to help. Some of the discussions included:

  • Ways to use best social media in business depending on your goals and audience.
  • An overview of productivity apps and cloud-based software to help teams communicate more effectively.
  • Personal and professional branding techniques.
  • Website and LinkedIn profile reviews.

Additionally, speakers were available for “office hours” to work directly with attendees. This allowed for extended Q&A and for attendees to gain hands-on instruction after each presentation.

IBS 2020 will continue to have a tech focus. Mark your calendar for January 21-23, 2020 when the show returns to Las Vegas!

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