In Demand Education @ IBS 2019

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Education was in demand at IBS 2019 and the results are in! Out of 130+ education sessions in 7 different tracks, here are the top attended sessions:

1. Do This, Not That! Design Do’s & Don’ts for 2019
2. Are You a Project Manager or a Project Witness?
3. 60 Design Ideas in 60 Minutes
4. The ABCs of Leadership: Always Be Coaching
5. The 2019 Housing & Economic Outlook
6. How Small & Mid-Sized Builders Can Successfully Compete With the Giants
7. Clash of the Titans! Marketing Megaminds Debate Today’s Hottest Topics
8. 2019 NSMC Super Sales Rally: The Future of High-Def Selling Is Now
9. Must-Have Design Ideas for Today’s Busy Lifestyle
10. Floor Plan Solutions: Minimum Waste & Maximum Space

Missed these sessions?
Purchase IBS 2019 Education On Demand, the full library of recorded sessions from the Builders’ Show.  Instructions to access the IBS Education On Demand library were sent to IBS Full Registrants and those who purchased access to the library.

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