Top 10 Picks from 2018 IBS Education On Demand

IBS Education Session

IBS attendees from across the country are tapping into IBS Education On Demand* to gain knowledge and build stronger businesses. Here are the Top 10 picks from the 2018 IBS Education On Demand. Of the 140+ available, which one will be your favorite?

1. Double Play: Designs that Appeal to Boomers and Millennials
Because Boomers and Millennials make up the largest demographics in the nation, industries are taking notice and asking, “Can the same product appeal to two different generations?” This session explored the similarities and differences of these generations and the home design adaptions that can be made to appeal to both.

2. A Look Inside the Secret Playbook of Top-Performing Home Builders
Most builders dream of scaling their business, increasing profits and keeping risk to a minimum, yet why do some seemingly do it effortlessly while others struggle to consistently make a profit? This advanced session examined the few key factors that builders need to get just right to create success.

3. Making Money with Change Orders & Allowances
Change orders and allowances are two contract line-items that if not worded correctly, can cause headaches and unhappy customers. This advanced session presented real-world invoicing and pricing examples to illustrate successful change orders and calculated allowances.

4. 2018 NSMC Super Sales Rally: From Sales Mortal to Sales Machine
Always a popular session at IBS, this year’s edition of the NSMC Super Sales Rally focused on a growing trend in sales: learning how to quickly connect and close with buyers by improving your communication style. The expert panel shared ways to influence people into taking action, improve listening skills to be able to ascertain what people are really looking for and more.

5. A Superior Job Start Package: Your Efficiency & Profitability Depends on It
This intermediate-level session focused on the turnover of a job between the pre-construction team and the field. Panelists revealed a system that builders can use to ensure that all plans, purchase orders and construction documents are aligned and accurate before the job moves forward to ensure faster construction times, better job cost controls and the least number of headaches.

Rounding out the Top 10:
6. Put Your Money Where Your Community Is: New Amenities for Lifestyle Buyers
7. 3 Simple Numbers to Measure the Financial Success of Your Business
8. Bambi vs. Godzilla: Dealing with Difficult People & Keys to Empowered Communications
9. Cash (Flow) Is King: Why Thriving Businesses Fail & Why You Aren’t Making What You Should
10. Customer & Contract Best Practices for Greater Profit, Efficiency & Sanity

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*Access to IBS On Demand open to IBS 2018 full registrants. Student, spouse and exhibitor registrants are excluded. Individual sessions are available for purchase.

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